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Ever since winter arrived I have been craving these cozy moments. So in my Loving Lately Vol. 7, I’m highlighting Hygge! Hygge is a term that comes from Denmark and is hard to translate. The closest you can translate it too is coziness. However, the Danes will tell you that it is much more than that! It is all about togetherness and savouring the present moment. It’s about life’s simplicity. Hygge is what makes me happy, I live for those moments. Coziness created by fairy lights, candles, blankets, yummy food, and of course a cup of tea. Don’t be fooled, Hygge is not only for winter, it can be done all year round. Summer Hygge is about picnics at your favourite spot, BBQs with friends, and outdoor coziness with lights and blankets! Let’s see what my Hygge Loving Lately is all about.

Tea Loving

Obviously, any warm drink will bring hygge to your moment, but the most Hyggeligt drink is a hot chocolate or Mulled wine. I love drinking warm drinks, especially cocktails, it just feels special. You can find my favourite warm cocktail here. When talking about Hygge, we also associate it with comfort. Comfort food, basically a real treat. From cakes to pastries, you name it! So the tea that brings out the most hygge to me, would be T2 Lamington tea. A treat in a cup. Can this be anymore Hygge?

Currently Reading

I heard of Hygge but never gave it much thought. Just before lockdown I went to the library and came across “the Little Book of Hygge” written by Meik Wiking. Meik is a Happiness Researcher, so I knew I would be in for a treat! (Yep I’m obsessed with Happiness) I finished it within 2 days, which for me is crazy. Reading 2 books a month is already a challenge! I just loved the concept of it and wanted to know more. So I got the book “Hygge, The Danish Art of Happiness” created by Marie Tourell Soderberg. Yep, I’m reading everything about Hygge. I’m taking the parts that resonate with me most and try to incorporate them on a daily basis.

Tea-riffic Finds

My Hygge Loving Lately obsession meant hours of browsing through blogs and Pinterest. Just seeing all the cozy spaces online, brings a smile to my face. But there was 1 website that I totally fell in love with. It’s a simple website all focussed on Hygge – hellohygge.com – Just the name of the blog got me. She mentions looking for the small things, being present in the moment and how you can’t force Hygge! One post talks about how to host a Hygge party. That just sounds like a dream! Anyone else keen?

Random Happiness

Ooh Boy, we bought new sheets and a new duvet. It’s literally sleeping in heaven. It is sooooo comfy, you have no idea. I have fairy lights in the bedroom and I try to get into the habit of reading before bed. I truly want to indulge in Hygge before bed as I know it will improve my sleep. Having new sheets just brings so much happiness, I wake up with a big smile, all wrapped up and comfy. It truly is the little things you guys! (Yes, it is so much harder to get up in the morning, but the once in a while lay in, feels just so much more luxurious!)

What’s Brewing

You guessed it, I’m brewing up a Hygge blogpost! After all this, I just have too right? I will include a few prompts to help you create the Hygge that’s right for you! But before that though, something big happened. I created a new FREE resource and It will go live next Wednesday! Stay tuned! You will find it in the FREE resource library. It will help you evolve, it’s a tool that will ensure that you stay on top of your goals.


Hygge all the way baby! How do you feel about this? I hope the Hygge Loving Lately has inspired you to create an atmosphere of hygge too! I think this concept can lead to true happiness! I’ve created a Pinterest board check it out and make sure to follow my board as I will keep adding to it. Seeing hygge pictures appear on your home feed will bring you happiness instantly.

Hygge Is About An Atmosphere And An Experience, Rather Than About Things.

Miek Wiking

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