10 Happiness Books That Will Broaden Your Perspective On Happiness

Happiness books that broaden your Happiness perspective

Now we have explored the connection between Personal Growth and happiness you might find yourself wanting to delve into this happiness quest a little more. There are so many resources out there to guide you with all different perspectives, therefore I thought to share with you my Top 10 Happiness books. These books have truly inspired me and have guided me on my journey. I chose these books as they provide different insights and topics on happiness that will guide you in broadening your perspective on happiness. If your favourite book is not listed below, please add it in the comments. I’m always keen to read more about happiness.

1. Happiness Project – Gretchen Rubin

This book has changed my life! Because of the Happiness Project, I became fascinated by the idea that I am in charge of making myself happier and I can do this with simple changes. Gretchen Rubin described it perfectly. “I wasn’t as happy as I could be, and my life wasn’t going the change unless I made it change. In that single moment, with realisation, I decided to dedicate a year to trying to be happier.” Each month she focuses on a subject and sets resolutions to achieve her outcome. In her book, she shares her journey and shows how we can live a happier life and don’t have to wait for a crisis to remake life. 100% My favourite book and that’s why it’s number one on my Happiness Books list.

Happiness book - The Happiness Project - Gretchen Rubin

2. Happier at home – Gretchen Rubin

After she completed her Happiness Project she went on a quest to be Happier at home. In the same style as her previous book, she sets resolutions that relate to all of us. For example how we can gain control of our phone and increase happiness within our marriage. With her focus on being at home – The most crucial element influencing our happiness – you will be inspired to work on your own home happiness. You will reflect on what it truly is, you want from your home and be reminded to be grateful for what you have.

Happiness Books - Happier at home Gretchen Rubin

3. The Happiness Track – Emma Seppala

The Happiness track focuses on how happiness can improve our success. We all think that we can’t have both right? Well, Emma tells you differently, she highlights important findings that will surely change your mindset about the relationship between success and Happiness. She shares manageable tips and shows how we can live a fulfilling life without anxiety and accelerate our success. This book has made me reflect on my own practices and I have implemented her advice immediately. A must-read if you like to be more productive and experience that sense of achievement.

Happiness Track - Emma Seppala

4. The Little Book Of Happiness – Miriam Akhtar

This little book is a must-read if you are interested in the science of Happiness. A lot of research is listed in this little pocketbook but written in an easy to understand way. It highlights all the important aspects of how to live a fulfilled life and it just highlights the information you want to know! She shares 12 evidence-based happiness habits that we should incorporate into our daily routines. On top of that, she shares key practices to obtain happiness in our lives. Miriam Akhtar inspired me to write my blog posts and to create my own happiness formula.

Little book of happiness - Miriam Akhtar

5. Happy To Crappy – Cassandra Dunn

Happiness is a journey and not a destination. The book highlights that we have to slow down to see that Happiness is already within reach. As Cass writes: The book will give you simple, straightforward and practical advice to achieve a life that feels less crappy and more happy. She shares 10 steps that you can implement within your life that are a little different than expected. A few examples “learn to let go”, “Be less Busy” and “Expect good things.” A different view on how to achieve Happiness was very refreshing.

Happiness books -Crappy to Happy - Cassandra Dunn

6. Happiness 101 – Tim Bono

Even though, the book focuses on students and their happiness throughout Uni, there is still a lot to take away from! Tim Bono has based this book on his seminar’s lessons and provides insight and advice on how to increase your happiness. He touches base on different topics such as willpower, time management, failing better, the time paradox and the inevitable bad day. These unexpected topics related to happiness will enrich you and motivate you to reflect upon your habits and most likely inspire you to adopt some of his strategies.

Happiness 101 Tim Bono

5. Eat Pray Love – Elizabeth Gilbert

What Elizabeth has taught me is that we are in control of our own Happiness. We need to look inwards and stop following what society is telling us that will make us happy. Yes, She might have taken drastic measures as she quit her job and travelled the world for a year. 3 countries with 3 different goals, Italy – The art of Pleasure, India- The art of Devotion and Bali – The art of Balance. If you are in need of changes this book will give you the push you need. Although we all probably can’t make it this far, reading her journey will guide you in discovering what changes you want to make to increase your own happiness.

Happiness Book - Elizabeth Gilbert - Eat Pray Love

7. Braving the Wilderness – Brene Brown

Braving the Wilderness might not seem an obvious choice for a top 10 Happiness Books, however, Brene Brown’s research is focussed on bringing meaning to live. Such as experiences of courage, vulnerability, love, belonging, shame and empathy. If you have not heard of Brene Brown, quickly google some of her Ted Talks, upmost inspiring! Braving the Wilderness is all about true belonging. It’s an eye opener and it will support you in creating an understanding of what it actually means to belong. This book will give you a different view on happiness as it challenges your thinking.

Happiness Books - Brene Brown - Braving The Wilderness

9.Hardwiring Happiness – Rick Hanson

Rick Hanson focussed on how we can reshape our brain that will, in turn, reshape our life and improve our happiness. He shares that it is all about one simple thing – The hidden power of everyday positive experiences. First, he explains how the brain works and why we should take charge of it. Secondly, he shares 4 simple steps on how we can achieve this which he calls HEAL. Have a positive experience. Enrich it. Absorb it. Link positive and negative material. The reason I love this book is that he shares manageable tools to increase everyday happiness.

Rick Hanson - Hardwiring Happiness

10. Authentic Happiness – Martin Seligman

Alright, we made it to number 10 on my Happiness Books list! This one is still on my “Must Read” list. Martin comes up with a very impressive Happiness Formula. He shed light on the fact that our genes and circumstances are not contributing much to true happiness. Instead, our strengths and how we use them are key to lasting happiness. He divides his book into 3 sections. 1. Positive emotions and how we can raise them. 2. Identifying our signature strengths. 3. Deploying the strengths into our life focussed on work, love and parenting. Lastly, he ties this all together by discussing “finding meaning and purpose in living.”

Happiness Books - Authentic Happiness - Martin Seligman

11. Flourish – Martin Seligman

Ok, surprise number 11, because I cannot mention Authentic Happiness without talking about Flourish. Basically, Martin wrote an extension called “Flourish” where he teaches us how to get the most out of life. In this book, he shares the 5 pillars of a fulfilled life, PERMA-H. Positive emotion (enjoyment) – Engagement (Flow) – Relationships (Social Connectedness) – Meaning (Purpose) – Accomplishment (Success) – Health (sleep, eating well and Physical Activity). I cannot wait to read these 2 books! I keep you posted. Well, that was my top 10 happiness Books, which one will you be reading first?

Flourish - Martin Seligman

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