Be Mindful Of Your Mess | A Self-care Strategy

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Magical December is all about taking care of ourselves, ensuring that we feel in control and are at peace. One aspect that is often overlooked that contributes towards effective self-care is our environment. Many studies have been conducted on the impact that clutter has on our day to day life. The research proved that a clutter-free environment has positive results, mainly because our brain likes order. When being surrounded by mess, we are visually stimulated by this disorganization and are not able to focus. When we want to indulge in Self-care we need to ensure that our brain can switch off. We want to achieve our self-care goals either it being relaxing, recharging or just having a pause. As December can be very busy, I want to focus on tidying my home and not going Marie Kondo Style; Decluttering.

Difference Between Tidying And Decluttering

Before we delve into the whole mess-free concept, I’d like to quickly highlight the difference between decluttering and being mindful of your mess. Decluttering is more focussing on “getting rid” of stuff as well as deciding where your belongings will live. While tidying is creating an environment that is inviting and evokes positive feelings. It is not so much about organising, storing and knowing what you have but more on the esthetical side of things. This December I want to focus on how my home looks, not what’s behind the closet door. Even though knowing that there is clutter somewhere will still affect my level of control. But ensuring my space is tidy is a quick fix, a pick me up and a tool to help me feel calm on daily basis. 

Influence Of A Mess-free Space  

The most important goal for me when I start tidying is that sense of calm. When everything is in order, I feel a boost of confidence and the comfort of being in control. Once my environment looks beautiful, it gives me an energy boost and I feel competent to do anything. I feel lighter and there is less anxiety coming towards me. Everyone experiences this beauty of a tidy home in a different way. Some might feel the benefits while tidying as they become present within the moment. While others just have that *Aaah* a feeling of relieve when completed. It’s important to realise the effect a mess-free home as on you. Take a moment to find out what this means to you, be present next time and ask yourself; “How do I feel during the tidy up?” “How do I feel after?” “Do I value this?”

Make It Part Of Your Routine

Ok, while you are reading this post, all you could think of is the stress to yet, add another chore to your day. But you are wrong, reframe this to “bringing joy to your home.” If you keep yourself to a few rules, you can easily manage your stuff. Firstly, the one-minute rule, throughout the day if you can do something within 1 minute do it straight away. For example, hang up your coat. At the end of the day do a quick tidy and place loose items in the correct spot! When doing this every day there is no such thing as a 2 hour clean up at the end of the week! This also comes back to my energy levels throughout the day, I’m more active in the morning. While in the evening my mind is done for the day, so mindlessly putting things away works for me.

The Quick Mess-Free Fix

I feel you, sometimes we just don’t have time to properly tidy, yet we want to feel like our home is radiant and bursting with energy. There are a few little things you can focus on that will have a big impact on you. Firstly, always make your bed, you must have heard this a hundred times now, so it’s time to make it happen! Ensure the bathroom and bedroom are always clean, these are the spaces where you turn to yourself most often. Light a candle, this will set the mood straight away. Add a few plants, it boosts happiness, it cleans the air and caring for plants just makes you feel a little responsible aka in control. These little things will allow you to indulge in self-care without getting distracted and truly reaping the benefits of looking after yourself. 

Writing this post made me realise how much I truly value my home and how it makes me feel. Adding that element of beauty which mainly comes from order, sets the tone for my mindset and achievements. When I indulge in Self-care in a mess-free environment I accomplish my self-care goal with much more ease. Now that I realise even more how my surroundings impact my day, I will utilise the holiday break to actually declutter some of my spaces. Once the Christmas Craziness has passed, I will press that reset button once again. I will nourish myself, continue my self-care quest and plan 2021! What will you do this holiday break?

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  1. I’ve never always made my bed, but since I started five years ago, I find it harder NOT to make my bed now. It just puts me in the right frame of mind, especially when I come home to it after a long day. Thanks for sharing!

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