Winter Edition Loving Lately

Hey TEA-m, it is officially winter in Australia! Last week we had the coldest day in 37years, I LOVED IT. I know, crazy, but most of the year it’s warm in Sydney, so the once in a while cold snap just allows me to have an extra blanket and more tea. Winner! Admittedly though, winter also brings some difficult times for me which I try to overcome. The Ted Talk listed below highlights what I needed to stop doing most and might just be what you need right now!! So as you can imagine Loving Lately Vol 6. is a Winter special! (Yup, some of you might enter summer, so just Pin this post to your winter board on Pinterest and revisit it later in the year!) Let’s see what’s inspiring me right now and how I’m battling the hard times. (Which you summer folks might go through too!)

Tea Loving

The Tea I’m Loving Lately is Calming from Love Tea. During Winter, I find it so important to have cozy, quiet times. Having a cup of tea is one way to achieve this peaceful moment. The aromas of the Calming Tea are allowing me to be present and have a moment to myself. My goal is to incorporate these little pockets of joy more often. Can I also quickly mention the branding? It just shouts “CALM” and I love the simplicity of the packaging and canisters. The Calming Tea consists of Chamomile, peppermint, lemon balm and lavender.

Currently Listening

This Ted Talk on Social Comparison has been on repeat for the last few weeks. Lately, I have been struggling as I was meant to be home right now. Covid postponed my home visit for 2 years and it’s getting to me. I’m seeing how everyone is getting on with the European summer and doing what I was meant to do. So basically, Social Media is creating this FOMO. The Ted Talk reminded me to STOP and look within. Why am I feeling this? What I can do to feel better? One thing I realised is that I love winter, so I have to focus on that instead. As mentioned in my blog post, we are influenced by our surroundings. So I went on Pinterest and typed in winter to embrace my present moment.

Tea-riffic Finds

Ready for this? My go-to winter drink right now? A Warm Apple Pie Martini Cocktail! It is delicious and so easy to make. YUM. I found it in Coles magazine and they have the recipe on their website. Apple juice, vanilla vodka, butterscotch schnapps, cinnamon and nutmeg. *Magic*. I have used baked apple schnapps instead as that one was in the cupboard. A cheeky tip? I use a rice cooker instead of a saucepan as it keeps the cocktail warm while I drink my first glass. What is your favourite Winter Cocktail?

Random Happiness

You probably guessed it, random Happiness this month? Winter! I’m truly taking in the cold months and my Pinterest Winter search has ignited that spark! Just a few keywords that make me happy right now: Cozy, Tea, Blanket, Heather, Candles, Fairy Lights, Winter fashion, Winter food, Fluffy socks, I can keep going. So it’s ever-important for me, to focus on MY present moment and embrace my favourite season. I’m going to make an effort to visit the winter markets and maybe even indulge in Christmas in July! Hey Summer folks, ever thought about celebrating Christmas in July Aussie style? Put some shrimp on the barbie and have a pavlova to end the celebrations! (Don’t forget your Christmas tree on the beach!)

What’s Brewing

Next week I have taken some time off, I need to reset and recharge. I always give myself 200% and I have come to terms that if I want to keep going, I need to fill up my cup once in a while. My focus will be on my blog, it brings me joy and allows me to grow. I will literally follow the 4 steps in my Reset Blog post to allow all areas of my life to recharge. Yep, I have already created a list that categorizes my priorities. I’m excited to connect with friends, read a book in the middle of the day and get some extra workouts done!

That’s the Loving Lately for now. Can we just highlight the section on comparing ourselves! Changing what we see and hear can have such a positive impact on us. Browsing through winter photos on Pinterest just made me excited to have a mulled wine (while scrolling on social media did the opposite as I can’t join the Pina Colada Highlights) That’s why I find it so important that I create my own IMPERFECT pictures on my blog as I want to share authentic content. So, let’s just all stop looking at others and start focussing on ourselves. Head over to my FREE Resource library to discover what would work for YOU. Either it being personalised self-care elements or determine what actually makes you happy instead of following the trends.

Be Mindful Of Your Surroundings. It Makes You, YOU.

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