I’d like to start with the fact that all images on this website are my own. (except logo) This is a deliberate choice. Yes, I could use the beautiful pictures from the galleries but that’s not me. This blog is all about authenticity which I hope will support my readers with their happiness, as I have eliminated one obstacle, reference points. So the choice is yours Perfection or Authenticity. 


As you know, this blog is my passion but wouldn’t it be great that this blog was self-sustaining? Even if it would cover the domain, hosting, writing and editing. Therefore, I might engage within the following;

Affiliate links

This blog may use affiliate links which means that I could potentially earn a small commission on your purchase without any extra cost to you. All opinions are honest and my own, I will stay true to this blog and my readers.

Sponsored posts

I will be collaborating with sponsors, but as above, all opinions are truthful and my own. When a post is sponsored this will be clearly labelled. 


I truly appreciate your support and I am committed to sharing honest content with you. I want you to feel confident that I only share value with you that I, myself, believe in. Thanks, guys!

PS; Logo created by eFow, Thanks Erin!