How Happiness and Personal Growth are in connection

Happiness chemistry formula connection with Personal Growth

Over the past couple of years, I have been very intrigued by Happiness. What is Happiness? Why are we striving towards this and why is it such an undefined word? I have read plenty of articles and books which motivated me to change my habits and adjust my thinking. So, when I embarked on my Personal Growth journey, I wanted to find true Happiness. Now, when you indulge in personal growth you might work on your mindset, improve your wellbeing or increase productivity by shaping your habits. All these things will lead to improved happiness, don’t you think? Yes, I always encourage everyone to start a personal growth journey, but little did I know that this can lead to a happier life! But what actually is Happiness?

Science of Happiness

What is the true meaning of Happiness? Can I be Happier? These are questions I often ask myself but how do I even know that I am happy? There are so many different happiness formulas out there encouraging us to explore our own levels. To define your own happiness, you need to find the right formula that works for you! Are you feeling a connection with the ideas of compassion that relates to the Dalai Lama? Maybe you could be more attracted to the findings of the ancient Greek Philosophers where they focus on life purpose and pleasure? Or do you want to take a more scientific approach and look at Subjective Wellbeing? Everyone has to give Happiness their own definition. Get to know yourself better, create your Happiness Formula and discover the focus for your Personal Growth Journey.

Choose a Happiness Mindset

Did you know that Happiness is actually in our own hands? We decide whether we are happy or not. We can adopt a growth mindset, learn to let go and rewire our brain by focussing more on our positive experiences. Happiness is a choice! Realising that we have the power to be happy is a big responsibility and this is why I connect it with Personal Growth. We need to change our mindset around failure, acknowledging that time constraints motivate us and focussing on loving ourselves a little more. So when we embark on our personal growth journey, we will work towards a happier life!

Habits To Feel Good

We all know how good habits can provide us with a fulfilling life! Doing what you love and what is good for you will ensure that you feel happier. Some habits are actually scientifically proven to increase your happiness levels such as gratitude and savouring. We should add habits that we truly value into our daily routine so we can experience enjoyment without much thought. I am well aware that creating habits is not easy, it requires effort and some hard work on yourself. But once the habits are in place you can truly experience joy and satisfaction.

Improved Succes

How can Happiness improve your success? We always think that success and achievement comes from saying NO to things that we love and focussing on career-driven activities. Yet, this leads to the opposite! We actually achieve more by doing less and by engaging in activities that we enjoy. This can lead to us being more positive, ensuring that we experience flow and that we are in the present moment. Looking at it this way, off course this can make us more successfull. Just think about how much more you achieve when you are in a good mood compared to having a bad day.

Happiness across the world

Happiness comes in all different forms, your location and culture have an impact on how you can feel happy. For example, A Fair Go and Sunlight resonates with Aussies while coziness is the focus on being happy in Scandinavia. But it is important to know what YOU value and what brings YOU joy. For me, it is sipping a cup of tea under a blanket being all cozy or going for a walk in nature so basically I would be happy on both sides of the world. So ask yourself questions about the different hacks people use to improve their mood. Get to know yourself better and utilise this insight!

Happiness Traps

Unfortunately, it isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, we can apply all the above, but yet, we need to be aware of the traps. We have misconceptions about the things that can make us happy such as a pay rise or owning awesome stuff. Another big barrier to happiness is our mind as it keeps focussing on the wrong things! For example, we constantly compare ourselves to others, we have adopted the “I’m busy hype” and our own expectations are all factors that can stop us from feeling happy. So becoming aware of them, dealing with them and protecting ourselves is a personal growth journey itself that will in turn increase your happiness.

Personal growth can actually be a synonym for Happiness don’t you agree? You have to define your own definition, create the formula that works for you and adapt your habits to ensure that you are satisfied on a daily basis. Be aware of the traps and work on your mindset so you can cultivate a happier life. All these actions are steps of your personal growth journey. Overall, being successful is the outcome of being your happy self. Check out my Resource library to create YOUR Happiness Formula to live a Happier life!

Everyone Has A Different Idea Of What Happiness Looks Like


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