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When talking about daily routines you might think straight away about optimising your productivity. Stop right now, thank you very much. (yep throwing in the Spice Girls) Routines are so much more, it’s not only about building habits, but it’s about optimising your life, fostering that sense of achievement, and simplifying your day. You might wanna know the best daily routine and unfortunately, I can’t answer that for you. Everyone thrives differently and it’s up to you to create your perfect routine! What I can do, however, is guide you to create a routine that suits you. But first, we need to dive a little more into the How and Why, as these tips will help you determine your own perfect daily routines.

Difference Between Routine and Habits

It is super important to know the difference between habits and routines as this will ensure that we succeed. Habits happen subconsciously and we repeat them regularly, they are basically automatic. On the other hand, a routine needs effort and intention. Can a routine become a habit you might ask? Yes and No, turning on the kettle as soon as you get out of bed, can start as a routine and after a while, it’s automated. Working out at 6 AM will remain a routine as this requires effort, yes it might become easier, yet it won’t be automatic. Now let’s also throw the word Rituals into the mix. Rituals have a sense of purpose, they are more meaningful. Routine is something that needs to be done while the ritual is focused on the experience, not the achievement.

Importance Of Daily Routines

The obvious reason why routines are important is that it makes us feel in control. When we feel in control we are genuinely happier, kinder and more likely to accomplish things. It helps us to get organised and it can boost productivity. Depending on what routine we’re talking about, each one has its own benefits, a nighttime routine will improve our sleep while a morning routine sets us up for the day. Daily routines are focused on achievements, it has a start and a beginning and when completing this routine we create motivation to keep going, we are proud of ourselves.

How To Create A Daily Routine

Every routine is created differently and with a different mindset. The first step is to reflect, ask yourself questions. Why do I need this routine? What do I want to achieve? Set a purpose for the routine which will ensure you can stick to it. Some routines might need a little more planning than others which is totally fine! Start small, this is key so you don’t get overwhelmed. Timing is also important so you know when to start and how long it is allowed to take. Track progress and reward yourself. I have created a worksheet that will help you determine your morning routine. You can find it in my FREE resource library.

Why We Struggle

Sometimes routines can be a struggle because our WHY is not clear enough or it just doesn’t motivate us. So we have to go back and think about the reason we wanted to start this routine in the first place. Get a clear view and find that motivation! Some people might want freedom, they don’t thrive on structure yet they need to find a way to feel in control. There are many other ways to feel in control so it’s ok to not to be able to stick to a routine. Every day is different and we have to accept this. Let just be kind to ourselves and celebrate every small win! Give ourselves permission to not be in control once in a while.

Tips On Simplifying Daily Routines

Keep it true to yourself. We often try to copy others because they thrive, yet for us, it might do the opposite. Just do you boo! You can take inspiration from others but tweak it to your needs! Career Girl Daily shares routines from successful people which might help you identify some elements you want to incorporate. Just make sure you reflect and ask yourself questions when creating your routine. Don’t forget to touch base once in a while to see what’s working well and what’s not. Flexibility might be another word to keep in mind. Things happen and routines might be affected. It’s ok! Remember Imperfection is beauty, the sooner we see this, the quicker our lives will become simple.

Types Of Daily Routines

There are so many different routines you can create that it might become a little overwhelming. Not for me though, I love routines and man it feels good to have a stack of routines throughout my day. Let me list a few options you can create. Morning, evening, gratitude, journal, self-care, exercise, cleaning, beauty, Sunday and of course a Tea routine! My advice? Just make sure you have a daily routine for the mind, body and soul incorporated daily.

I’m so glad we got to clarify the difference between habits and routines. Knowing this key piece of information will truly support you when building either one. Rituals are such a beautiful thing to engage in and don’t have to be spiritual, as long as they are meaningful and provide you with a moment of mindfulness they will serve you well. Just keep in mind that routines might not be for everyone, I love them and I have about 4 routines going at the same time, but some people need to tweak them to their own needs. So reflection is key! Head over to my FREE resource library and create YOUR morning routine so you start the day right.

I Like Routine. It Enables Me To Improvise.

JAmes Nares

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