How Our Dream Future Self Can Manifest Personal Growth

Dream future self Free E-book to help you manifest personal growth

Everyone has their own idea of a personal growth journey, yet we are all striving towards something. It is important that we gain clarity of what that something is so that we are motivated. The key to this clarity is self-reflection. We need to question ourselves, find answers to what we truly want. An easy way to manifest personal growth is by creating a dream future self. This vision will give you the WHY, it will determine action steps that matter and it will provide you with purpose. I have created an E-book that will guide you through the steps of creating a powerful vision of your dream future self.

Our Dream Future Self

First, we need to be mindful that we are striving for our Dream Future Self and not for our BEST self. When we want to become our best self, there is too much pressure and a negative tone towards our present self. Remember, we are working to evolve into the person we hope to become, this process needs to be positive. We need to be excited to go through the change and embrace the challenges that might arise. We won’t always win, that’s ok, because we focus on the journey. The journey will have ups and downs but every action we take will bring us one step closer to becoming our dream future self. As this is a journey, we need to remember that this vision can change along the way and we can adapt as we go. We need to be open to change and imperfection.

Creating The Vision

There are a few steps involved in creating our Dream Future self. We need to dig deep to see a detailed picture of that person we want to become. We need to be specific, the more details provided, the more it will motivate us. It truly is the little things that will make sure we take action. We need to define our dream future self and my E-book provides many prompts to help you create that vibrant vision. Next, we are looking for clarity, we need to look at the reason why we chose this version of ourselves. Clarity will bring a sense of relief. We’ll feel the excitement and desire to chase our dream future self. We can see the change needed to live a fulfilled life!

Dream Future Self Obstacles

As determined as we can be, we need to be aware of the obstacles that might come our way. When we write down the possible challenges it becomes clear and real, allowing us to prepare for when they arise. Self-doubt, fear, laziness, criticism, time or perfectionism are a few examples that might come to mind. We need to find strategies to either prevent or tackle them, for instance, I came up with ideas on how to beat perfectionism. By doing so, we are feeling empowered, as nothing can stop us! To keep this momentum going, we should revisit this list often, it can help us get through the hard times.

The Different Steps

Now you have a clear vision of your dream future self and are aware of the possible obstacles, we need to plan our action steps. It needs to be realistic, so let’s find different elements within our vision. For example, your dream future self is a happy mum, who is healthy and works from home. You can find 3 elements of attention: happiness, health, and work. Working on all elements at the same time might become a little overwhelming, so we need to prioritize! Think about the element you need to focus on first, what will have the most impact right now? What element will optimise the others ones? Let’s say, I focus on health first, it will give me energy to chase my work element and it will for sure boost my happiness.

Goals For Our Future Self

Once you have chosen your element it is time to set goals! Goal-setting can be tricky as action is required. Nevertheless, this is the part that will make our dream future self come true. It brings our vision to life! It can be hard to stay motivated unless we celebrate our achievements. Celebrating each little step is important for our self-worth and self-belief. That’s why in the action plan of the e-book, I ask you to divide each element into 4 big goals. Each goal will require action steps with deadlines and a tick box to visualize your achievement. Make sure to chose SMART steps, S(specific) M(measurable) A(achievable) R(realistic) T(time-bound), they have proven to be the most successful. Below I have listed a few posts that will give some extra tips on goal setting!

Evolve Into Our Future Self

Now it’s time to evolve into our dream future self. We have done all the groundwork, we have our vision and the reasons, we are aware of the possible obstacles and we have clear goals. It is key to check in regularly and celebrate the achievements. Use the process tracker in my E-book to stay consistent and to keep your vision alive. Being reminded of where we want to be is the most powerful tool we can have. The thought of our DREAM future self is the desire we need to kick some ass! Now, head over to my Resource Library and grab your FREE E-book, and let’s start this journey together!

Your Future Self Is Waiting.

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