10 Happiness Quotes To Help You Define The Meaning Of Happiness

Happiness is something we all continue to strive for. We want to know what happiness means to us and define the best formula for our life. Luckily, we are all starting to understand that Happiness is different for everyone and that we need to take the time to understand this. We need to take a moment of reflection to identify what truly makes us happy. If you need some guidance to discover this, I have created an E-book with prompts that will define your personal happiness formula. Sign up below to receive the password to the FREE library! The Happiness Quotes in this post will give you a few different perspectives that might inspire you.

1. Happiness | The State Of Being Happy

1. Life is 10% What Happens To You, 90% How You React To It – John Maxwell

3. The Place To Be Happy Is Here. The Time To Be Happy Is Now. The Way To Be Happy Is To Make Others So – Robert Ingersall

4. You Will Be Exactly As Happy As You Decide To Be – Anonymous

5. Three Grand Essentials To Happiness In This Life Are, Something To Do, Something To Love And Something To Hope For – Joseph Addison

6. Happiness Is Itself A Kind Of Gratitude – Joseph Wood Krutch

7. Happiness Is Not Something You Postpone For The Future; It Is Something You Design For The Present – Jim Rohn

8. Happiness Is A Form Of Courage – Holbrook Jackson

9. Happiness Is Not Something Ready-Made. It Comes From Your Own Actions – Dalai Lama

10. Happiness Seems To Be Shared – Pierre Corneille

How about that? Isn’t it enlightening to read all these Happiness Quotes? It shows everyone’s perspective on Happiness and I hope it inspired you to look at Happiness a little different too. These quotes just are another reminder that Happiness is in connection with Personal growth. Don’t forget to head over to my FREE resource library to get your hands on my E-book. It will guide you through all the aspects of Happiness. Cognitive, emotional and of course pleasure! Want to delve a little deeper into the concept of Happiness? I have listed my most popular blog post below! Grab a cuppa and enjoy. ↓

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  1. These are wonderful and inspiring quotes!

    I especially loved John Maxwell, Joseph Wood Krutch, and Jim Rohn’s quotes. Happiness truly comes from within and through being present in the moment. These quotes are a great reminder to focus on what matters. Thank you for sharing!

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