When Life Turns Upside Down: Tips To Regain Control

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Sometimes our world can be turned upside down, leaving us feeling overwhelmed or even lost at times. Whether it’s the journey of becoming a mom, the sudden loss of a job, or the heavy burden of grief, these events can suddenly come your way and knock you off your socks. At some point, we need to stop, reflect and find a way to move forward. When my son turned one, it was a wake-up call, something needed to change. I needed to regain control over my life and rediscover a sense of purpose. It took me a while to realise what I truly needed but eventually, I found the vital elements that propelled me forward, reigniting my journey towards personal growth.

Embrace Stillness

Do you ever feel like you never stop, always go go go? The days go by without you being present. Stop and Breathe. When you actually stop for a moment, you gain clarity real quick. You might realise that you need some change and decide to sit down with a journal to get to the root of that feeling. Sometimes we just need a pause, a few deep breaths and we feel recharged and ready to go again. Other times we need to delve a little deeper and this can hurt, we might come across some hidden truths that we’ve been avoiding. But don’t worry, I’ve got your back! If you need some guidance on this self-discovery journey, I’ve brewed up an email series with journal prompts. Sign up below!

Managing Expectations 

We often set unrealistic expectations, which makes it even worse. Are we not allowing grief? Are we wishing for the world while we literally can only handle a suburb? Get realistic. Every journey is different and we need to stop comparing ourselves to others. Allow your journey to shine, even if it’s a small step in the right direction. Where do your expectations come from? Social Media? Delete the accounts that are not aligning with you. Family pressure? Have the conversation and be clear on why you cannot achieve what they are asking for. Set your goals small, so you can celebrate and build momentum, it is all about feeling good to regain that control.

Set Priorities

So many things to do, or such a long road ahead. Do we even know where to start? Is it too daunting to even get started? Break it down. Set small goals and regain control. Often we just need a single step in the right direction that will get us going. We need to identify what would be the most powerful first step. Is it reaching out and becoming part of a new community that is going through the same season or is it to get one task done today so I know I can actually get things done? Find what you need the most and make it a priority. Get yourself accountable, put it on the calendar or tell a friend, do what you know will make you follow through.

The power of Asking for help

Maybe the most difficult thing to do. Ask for help. Why is it though? When someone asks for my help, I feel privileged and excited and it shows how strong our connection is. So why do I always wait for a complete meltdown before I reach out? This needs to stop, pride aside and just ask for help. Help can be so powerful, a cooked meal, a simple hug or a meaningful chat can make all difference. Not only asking for help is important but accepting help is another one. When people reach out, be grateful and just say, yes, please. By accepting help, you might get back on track a little quicker or at least your heart will be full of gratitude as you realise someone truly cares about you.

Letting Go 

Let go of expectations, let go of pride, let go of negativity or sometimes it’s about letting go of resistance to allow ourself to feel it fully. Just let it all go. I know easier said than done but it will feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Once you feel free, with no restrictions, you gain clarity, you realise what has been holding you back and how you can move forward. Now, how do we let go? Firstly be gentle with yourself, take your time and let go slowly. Be mindful and indulge in self-care, make yourself a priority. Create space, distance yourself, and write it out. But the most important aspect of letting go is to give yourself permission.

Celebrating Progress

Please, celebrate every little step you have taken, even if the outcome wasn’t what you expected. You done it, you took a step forward, even if you have gone backwards. Remember, as Eckhart Tolle would say; “any action is often better then no action at all”. Celebration and gratitude can be powerful as it is the fuel thats keep you going. How you celebrate doesn’t matter, but make it count. Write it down so when you feel low you can read through the list of achievements and be incredibly proud of yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back, you truly deserve it!

No matter what has turned your world upside down, let’s make sure we regain control. Slowly but steadily we will feel a little more empowered, a little less overwhelmed and more at peace. Not sure where to start? I have created an empowering email series with engaging prompts, inspiring insights, and a sprinkle of tea-riffic motivation. You’ll discover the power of self-care, guidance on how to let go of limitations, and the key to unlock your inner potential for a happier, more fulfilled life. Join now for an enlightening journey of self-discovery and personal growth!

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