Nurturing Inspiration: Exploring the Path to Authentic Purpose

Inspiration through journaling

Inspiration, we all crave it and when it hits us, it feels good. It comes in all different forms even when we least expect it. The outcome it provides can be life-changing or it can just bring a smile and a huge sense of accomplishment. Someone of our TEA-m, Megan, has inspired me to write this post. She posted that by showing up and being vulnerable, she inspired someone to get out of her comfort zone. Which in turn inspired her to keep showing up. Isn’t that amazing? That vulnerability is a source of inspiration and positivity. Let’s remember this beautiful story and delve into the world of inspiration.

What it means to be TRULY inspired

We often look for inspiration when we are feeling stuck or lost, we want to regain control and feel energised again. Inspiration often leads us to discover purpose, when we’re inspired we feel confident, passionate and have a desire to do something. It’s the fuel that keeps us going, while motivation is the push to get started. And yet, we can become uninspired and that‘s okay, we just need to be patient. However, there are times we want to actively seek it, and luckily there are a few ways we can go on about this. We can find inspiration through both inner and outer search paths.

Inner Inspiration search path

The beauty of inspiration is that it comes from within, it doesn’t need validation. The meaning of the word amplifies this, as it comes from the Latin word “inspiratus” which means “breathe into”. So when you are looking for inspiration, just take a moment and be like Megan, be vulnerable. Show up authentic and look within yourself. When you become inspired through the inner search path it will bring clarity and can be immensely powerful. Need some guidance on your self-discovery path? Sign up for the Email Series below. It provides prompts, insights and motivation for an enlightening journey.

1. Connect to your true self

Life brings many different seasons and often we don’t adjust to this. We lose touch with who we truly are and keep going back to our “old” selves. Take a moment to just sit with yourself, tune in and listen. Block out that negative inner voice and truly listen to your intuition. By allowing ourselves to pause, we reduce our stress levels and we allow inspiration and wisdom to flow. Fight the resistance and allow yourself to do nothing!

2. The Power of Journaling

Journaling gives us a space to be honest, to be vulnerable. Writing brings clarity and helps us rediscover what truly matters. It’s a tool to explore our strengths, passions and values. There are 2 approaches to journaling, free flow and directed writing with prompts. Free flow allows you to write what comes to mind while using prompts provides structure to delve into specific topics. Need some inspiration for prompts? Here you can find different guides with topic-specific prompts.

3. From Mindfulness to Inspiration

We’re always rushed, we keep thinking about the next thing and so often we lose ourselves within our thoughts. This will often lead to us missing the opportunity of inspiration to hit us, as we are too busy to even notice. We don’t give ourselves time to slow down and be present. Let’s give ourselves a break. By focusing on the breath, we relax, our heart slows down, and our mind clears. By being present, we listen, we pay attention and this can be very powerful to find that spark of inspiration.

Outer Inspiration search path

When looking for inspiration around us, we need to be aware of our surroundings. Our environment influences who we are and how we behave. Look around and determine if your spaces are draining or energising you. Gretchen Rubin quotes “Outer Order is Inner Calm” which can truly impact whether inspiration hits or not. Most importantly, who do you interact with? The 5 people you are most connected with it are the ones who shape you, so choose your village wisely. Our mind is very sensitive to environmental cues and even if we have the best desire to achieve something, our surroundings can change the trajectory. It’s a powerful tool that will set you up for success. You have the last say in the outer search path.

1. Routine Rhythms

When certain routines are in place it provides space in your brain as this part of your day is automated. This space can result in an inspiration boost. Some routines can also signal to our brain that it is time to think and provide you with new ideas. For some people routine can bring comfort and safety which allows creativity to flow easily, as you are in a state of peace. So determine whether routine speaks to you or if you are the type of person that needs the flexibility to thrive.

2. Shape Your Environment

On the flip side, getting out of your comfort zone can provide inspiration as you are being put into a new situation and this can bring a new perspective. By being exposed to something new, something you are not used too, can bring a level of alertness which in turn can spark into inspiration. So get out of your comfort zone and seek that creativity.

3. Nature’s Awe

Going out in nature is incredibly powerful. Nature brings peace and it help us clear our heads. It stops our thoughts and it allows us to be present in the moment and soak up the beauty of this world. It gives us a bigger picture, it makes us realise the world is so much bigger and triggers our sense of awe. Nature gives us space to think freely as it drags us away from everyday hustle and bustle.

How to sustain your spark

When we’re inspired we get excited and we jump straight in, often for it to fade away quickly. We need to capitalise on this moment and make the most of it. We do this by ensuring it’s tailored to who we are, the season we are in and for it to be realistic. Next, create a vision board to be reminded of this incredible moment, so when you feel a little low, you can pour that inspiration straight back in. Be intentional, create a vision, a plan to stay motivated. Find YOUR true purpose.

As you can see, inspiration is a strong feeling of enthusiasm and it may lead you to find your purpose. It’s important to eliminate the pressure and allow time for it to come your way. It comes and goes, accept and savour it. Remember to sign up for my FREE resource library where you can find guides that will inspire you and support you in tailoring it to your own needs! Lastly, do you need a self-check, but not sure where to start? Click here to regain control and be inspired through journal prompts that are delivered straight into your inbox. Let’s do this!

Being Vulnerable is the only way to allow your heart to feel true pleasure.

Bob Marley

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