Tea Talks | Monthly Catch Up VII  

I need accountability, so here I am. Back with my Monthly Catch Up! It has been so powerful in the past to share my intentions for the month, have a clear idea of what I want to achieve and reflect at the end of the month. Being completely soaked up in motherhood, it’s time to get out of the bubble and get back on track! Normally I would look back on my previous post, but this time, I followed the steps of this blog post. A total fresh start and ready to conquer July!


My July To-Do List:

  1. Have a girls night out! Mama need some baby free time!
  2. Journal. I need to gain clarity on how to move forward. I will fill out every single worksheet from my FREE library.
  3. Write new blogpost. Time to do something I love.
  4. Organise THE overnight stay. My friend has moved away, so we will visit and have a sleepover.
  5. Get Mums Birthday sorted. Unfortunately we can’t fly home, so gotta make it special from here.


My Habit for July is: Drink 2l of water each day

I’m going to start small but strong. Increasing my water intake will not only make my skin feel fresher, but I will also feel physically better. Not ready to start a detox or something similar, but this is a great first step. Flush out all the toxins which hopefully will help me feel more energised. First, I wrote down “drink more water” but then decided to make it more specific. Which should help me achieve my goal and have a habit created for next month.

Gratitude Attitude

I am super grateful for all the support over the past few weeks. Starting my blog again was a big decision as I like to go all in. Struggling with family time management and feeling all over the place, I didn’t think this was a good idea. Surprisingly this has provided me with the answers I needed for months. It’s been amazing, all I have to do is remind myself; FUN over perfectionism. Follow my own message; accept imperfection and chase joy through simplicity.

Wins Of The Month

I have been trying to get more stuff done while Oscar is awake instead of letting it pile up until he is asleep. I’m talking dishes, hanging up laundry, and even eating myself. We’re slowly getting into a groove slowly and have been getting Oscar involved, for example, by passing me the washing from the basket. Oscar only sleeps for about 90min total during the day (If I’m lucky), so I always feel rushed and often don’t even get it all done. It gets me so frustrated. BUT last week I decided, nap time is ME time. I’m allowing three naps a week to do house stuff, all other naps I’ll be doing something for me. A big win for me to finally let go and fill up my own cup.

Monthly Mantra

Re-Set / Re-Align / Re-Start / Re-Claim / Re-Ignite

This is what I truly need. All these steps to Reignite my energy, my purpose, my routine, literally everything! Looking at the meaning of the word reignite is very powerful “to begin to burn again”. I would love to feel that fire again inside me, feel like I am on top of the world. I’ll take it one step at the time, to ensure I follow ALL the words in the mantra, so my fire isn’t just a quick fix. I want it to last, solutions that will make a real difference. I have created this home screen display to remind myself every day that this action is necessary.

If you like the home screen display, email me and I’ll send it over to you. I’m excited, as I feel rejuvenated to kick some ass and in a few weeks I get to fill out the end-of-month journal where I will celebrate my achievements! Grab yours in the FREE Resource library as well as all the worksheets. Join me in gaining clarity this month and take your power back. LET’S DO THIS.

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