Hygge The Ultimate Self-care Experience

Hygge Self-care, Tea, blankets, pillows, plants, candles, fairy lights, books

My Life motto is Hygge. Being an introvert, discovering hygge has been the best thing ever. A culture that embraces the coziness and simplicity of everyday life. No hassle and bustle, just the peace and quiet of togetherness. Sign me up, please! When I was introduced to this word, I felt a connection, something I want to experience as much as possible. So when I intentionally created a Hygge night, the calming atmosphere suddenly sparked the idea that Hygge is Self-care. The practice of Hygge encourages us to put our own needs first. We all know that Self-care is so important but we often don’t make time for it. But, what if Hygge can inspire us to fill up our cup and make ourselves a priority?

What is Hygge?

My way of describing the Danish hype would be Coziness, Simplicity, Togetherness, and Imperfect. I’d also like to add Safety. Feeling safe in your home as well as feeling safe with the people around you. A moment where you can be your true self. A Safe Space. Where being in the present moment is easy. Hygge is a feeling, not a thing, that is exactly what makes it so beautiful. You create that feeling. The Practice of Hygge has different elements that are highlighted to create that feeling of coziness. Warm light (ie candles), delicious food and drinks, comfortable clothing, homey space, and togetherness. Hygge can be inside or outside as long as you feel safe and connected. I created a Pinterest board to visualize the mood I’m trying to explain! But, most importantly, interpret Hygge the way you relate to most!

Hygge Self-care and Happiness

Hygge can truly contribute to Happiness! Choosing to make time for yourself, doing what you truly love, and being present in that moment is definitely a Happiness Booster. Of course, Happiness is different for everyone and a Hygge night might not be on your Happiness list, yet the freedom to define Hygge allows you to make it work for YOU. How would you Hygge at home? What would make you happy? Use Hygge ideas as inspiration to create the ultimate self-care experience! Curl up with a book, blanket, and a cup of tea or enjoy yummy food with friends, this is all Hygge, my friend! It’s all about your wellbeing so, I’m pretty sure that Hygge contributes to Happiness. Not sure what brings you happiness? Use my Free E-book to discover what is important to you and start to live a happier life!

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Hygge Self-care

Let’s dive into the specifics of how Hygge Self-care actually works. Self-care is about YOU, you come first! Taking care of yourself and doing what you need most. The Hygge aspect is what makes it special, what will motivate you to create a beautiful moment. A moment that allows you to feel joy. To Master Hygge Self-care we need to listen to the expert. Meik Wiking has put together The Hygge Manifesto which highlights what we should strive for. When reading his book “The Little Book Of Hygge”, it all clicked, I knew exactly how I wanted to experience Hygge myself. It inspired me. So let’s quote Meik and let that lightbulb moment happen to you.

1. Atmosphere – Turn down the lights

2. Presence – Be here now

3. Pleasure – Tea, Chocolate, Cookes, Cakes, Candy. Gimme! Gimme!

4. Equality – “We” over “Me” share the tasks and the airtime.

5. Gratitude – Take it in. This might be as good as it gets.

6. Harmony – It’s not a competition. We already like you, there is no need to brag.

7. Comfort – Get comfy. Take a break. It’s all about relaxation.

8. Truce – No drama. Let’s discuss politics another day.

9. Togetherness – Build relationships and narratives. “Do you remember the time we…?”

10. Shelter – This is your tribe. This is a place of peace and security.

How to make Hygge Self-care work for you

After reading all the above, I want you to highlight the words, vision, or feelings you get when you hear Hygge. This is how you create YOUR definition of Hygge. Yes, you might think, I have had this atmosphere before, but I want you to become intentional with creating these moments. This is how you practice Hygge, this is how you make it work for you. You decide on how you create this comfort, coziness, and simplicity while keeping the manifesto in mind. It’s not one vision that translates Hygge, It’s the feeling! Having a bath on a rainy day is as much Hygge as A bbq with friends! It’s about recharging, feeling good, and putting your well-being first! Self-care needs to be powerful, you can do this by identifying the elements you need. Use my Thought Sheet for guidance and see the transformation in your Self-care Routine.

Even writing this post just brings a smile to my face, a warm feeling inside, and hope. Hope that you will embrace this Hygge Self-care hype as much as I do! I can’t wait for you to Hygge at Home! Head over to my Pinterest board, click follow and share your Hygge ideas with me! The Danish people are seen as the happiest on the planet, I strongly believe that Hygge plays a big part in this! With the freedom to create your own definition, I think we can all agree that Hygge contributes to Happiness.

Hygge The Ritual Of Enjoying Life’s Simple Pleasures.


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  1. well having short days in the winter help with the coziness inside.. but i agree with you that bundling up with a snuggie or blanket while drinking something warm and reading a book is great for the soul.

  2. Great read and powerful language in terms of self-care. Of course, self-care is always important in our lives. I like the idea of creating my own hugged based on my feeling.

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