How To Press Your Reset Button

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Sometimes we need a fresh start and boy, isn’t it hard to realise when it is time to press the reset button? Life can just creep up and we are on autopilot so often. There are many reasons why we should press reset for ourselves, for example, a weekend of eating foods that don’t nourish us or a stressful time where we never really stop to indulge in self-care. By pressing reset are striving for that sense of balance. But, can we truly press reset ourselves? YES, we can. There are many ways on how we can do this and it is very powerful to have this in your wellbeing toolbox!

Different reset buttons

There are two different reasons why we should press reset, one that is forced upon us for example with a big change such as changing job, moving house or with a new baby arrival. The other button is when we recognise that we need to pause because life got in the way. It can be very powerful to tune into this practice of mindful reset so you feel refreshed for what’s coming next. Now, it is truly important to realise what kind of reset button you need to press. Is it related to stress relief, nourishing yourself, taking control, mindset shift, or refreshing your environment? There are different paths you can take to feel refreshed and you need to realise what is most important to you at that time. Once you know what is out of wack, you can focus on the right elements.

1. Nourish yourself

We all know how important it is to take care of our body. It can be through exercise or through the way we fuel our body. Grrr, as a foodie, this is an everlasting battle. I can go through healthy phases and then *Boom* I throw it all away and it takes true willpower to get back on track! So this is my number one reset button, that honestly, I have to press more often than I would like. When I press it, I focus on getting back into a habit of different workouts, with a few extra walks during the reset period! Next up, the change in food, I ensure that I fuel my body with the right foods. Sometimes, I even follow a little detox plan. This is my most successful reset to feel truly refreshed.

2. Selfcare reset

As we are always on go go go, I think it is important to stop. Yess I have mentioned incorporating a daily pause. But sometimes we need more than that, truly stop and reset ourselves. Mindfully taking the time to relax and make time to look after yourself. Within this self-care reset, we can look at different components. Physical, growth, emotional, social or mental self-care. For example, pamper yourself, learn something new, journal, see a friend or maybe even incorporate a little meditation to truly stop your mind and find some calm. Just focus on doing the things you like to do!

3. Take control

It just never stops, this never-ending To-Do list, you feel me? I can feel so overwhelmed by everything I have to do and want to do. So to STOP and re-evaluate this can be very powerful. Take time to set intentions, organise the to-do’s, check-in with your energy, prioritise and plan it all out! Once finished, you feel like you’re back in control of your life! Another important aspect to feel empowered is to revisit your habits, what is still working? What shall I change? What you want to achieve with this reset is that you feel inspired to go after your goals and feel ready to kick some ass! So let me ask you, what inspires you?

4. Refresh Your Environment

How do you feel when your environments are all messy? I do not feel motivated and my stress levels often go up, so taking care of my environments is another important aspect I attack to feel refreshed! When I start to sort out my stuff or declutter, I start feeling this sense of calm straight away. This is a very common strategy for a lot of people to destress and feel like they are on top of the world. Knowing where all your belongings are and having a dedicated spot for them can bring a lot of peace. So start to declutter or simply tidy up. Make sure your spaces are looking beautiful. You will feel recharged in no time!

Truthful reset

The reason I wrote this post is that I’m going through a reset myself right now. This reset has come from a big change that is happening; New job. Last week I finished my notice period at work (3 weeks!) and as you can imagine it was emotionally draining. I made sure I had a week off before starting my new job so I could enter my new classroom energised and ready for this new adventure. HA. you might think it went all like above, but NAH, haha. I put too much on my to-do list for the week and by Tuesday evening I got overwhelmed. (typically me!) So, Wednesday morning, I revisited my reset, threw out the list, and went to the Blue Mountains with no expectations other than SELF-CARE. Because that was all I needed, to relax. As you can see, not all resets will go to plan and you might have to rethink your action plan and that is OK! Need inspiration? Reach out! I hope I have inspired you to press reset. By doing a reset, in your own way, you need to think about how you can achieve this end goal, feeling energised. When I think about feeling energised I feel empowered, happy, motivated, and at peace.

I wish my life had a reset button. Maybe it does? Maybe it’s called Tomorrow.

– Saksham rewari

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