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November almost comes to an end, can you believe this? Crazy. But hey, I think that most of you can agree that we are all excited for 2021 to start. Even though not a lot might change, it’s that glitter of hope that a new year CAN bring change about. I’ve been loving a lot this month so it has been hard to select the elements for this post.

Tea Loving

Here in Australia, it’s currently spring and the temperatures are constantly changing, resulting in flu season! As I changed my job, I have been exposed to new germs and yep, I got sick again! Ended up with Laryngitis and NO voice for a full week, it was super weird. I never lost my voice before and teaching with no voice, man not easy! My saver this week? Lemon and Ginger Tea! I drank so much of this tea, it was soothing and it truly made my throat feel better. The ginger worked as a detoxifier, flushing out the unwanted chemicals and the lemon boosted my Immun system. This tea also has other benefits such as improvement of skin, helps digestion and brings relief from nausea.

Currently Watching

You know me now, everything that can give me insight or tips on how to improve my life? I’m keen! So I watched this documentary on Netflix “The Playbook” which is a reflective and inspiring series, produced by Lebron James. 5 Episodes, each one has a successful coach sharing tips on how to succeed in life – A coach’s rules for life! So many rules stuck with me, oh boy, I’M TRULY LOVING IT. Let me share one of them; It is a privilege to be under pressure. WHAT? Yesss, that’s a mindset shift, isn’t it! Even if you do not like sports, this will inspire you to think about aspects of your life and who knows, you might want to incorporate one of those rules. Let me know what you think!

Tea-riffic Finds

I’ve decided to add the “Tea-riffic Finds” section as there are so many things I come across and feel like sharing. So this month I decided to start using the Calm app! I came across it so many times but never truly committed, until this month. If you never heard of it, it is a meditation app to improve sleep and enhance relaxation. My journey with meditation is up and down and I feel like I will never become a pro, but I have created my own expectations of meditation. It will be an ongoing journey with new goals each time. This month I focussed on listening to the app during my morning routine, more specifically, during my commute. The reason behind it? To stop my mind wandering and have a moment focussing on my breath before running after 30, 3-year-olds.

Random Happiness

For me, it is always the little things that make me happy, this month, my working space. I have finally decided to put a desk in our second bedroom and now I am working on designing an inspiring and peaceful space where I feel in control. Currently, the desk and the chair have been put together, so I am writing this post in my new comfy chair, YAY! I’m still deciding on what will go on the wall but hopefully, soon a few deliveries will arrive. So it is a work in progress but it is already bringing me joy and that’s all that counts. And who knew that designing the space was so much fun? Yes, I’m actually loving the designing aspect of this project.

What’s Brewing

Christmas is coming closer now, the shops are playing Christmas songs, the movies are available and decorations are seen everywhere! I’m actually looking forward to Christmas, I know, crazy. But I think we all just need to accept that it will be different and instead of being sad or angry, let’s all find a way to make it enjoyable. For me, it’s a little different, Christmas never truly feels like Christmas because I have no family around. So this year I am planning a Virtual Christmas Party. I was meant to see my family during Europe Summer, so now I want to make sure I connect with them during Australian Summer! Wanna know more? Stay tuned, a blog post is in the making and I hope it might inspire you to look forward to Christmas too!

That’s it for November folks! I truly love putting this series together and cannot wait to hear your Loving Lately’s. Post them in the comments or share via email with the button below. I’m brewing something special for December, let’s end the year on a positive note together. Keep an eye out on my Instagram, I hope you will be part of it!

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