How To Host A Virtual Christmas Party

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As we are now used to celebrating important moments of our life online, we should use this to our advantage. As I moved to the other side of the world the holidays have never been the same for me. But with this newfound love for online life, a LIGHTBULB moment appeared, a VIRTUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY. Not only is this a moment of reconnection for families who live apart, it can also mean that this time of the year is stress free! No hassle of travelling, choosing which side of the family first or crazy party preparations. Christmas can be truly celebrated in peace and happiness, something to look forward too.

Virtual Christmas Mindset

Ok, So before I dive into the practical stuff of this event, we need to discuss the mindset around this whole thing! YES, December might be different, but you will soon find the positives. You can put yourself first, focus on self-care and make December Magical on YOUR terms. It’s all about embracing new traditions, have an open mind, and do not focus on the perfect Christmas, but be excited for a different Christmas. Stop comparing! I know, some people might be able to celebrate in person, or think you are crazy by choosing to go virtual. Who cares? Stay true to YOU, do right by YOU and do not look at others, this is KEY! Now that your mindset is all ready to go, let’s plan this new Christmas Tradition!

Virtual Preparation

Firstly send an invitation for everyone to create their Wishlist, let’s be honest there is no Christmas without presents, right? Now, before we start our preparation we need to think about the time difference and preferences to make it work for everyone. Once you have a clear idea on that, you might want to think about the practical side; Hosting platform, video and audio tests, background, etc. The boring stuff ticked off? Let’s think about food, special drinks, the dress code, the decorations, and off course, the entertainment of the virtual Christmas party. Make a list of your ideas and check it twice. 🙂

Christmas At Truthful Tea Talks

Virtual Christmas Presents

I know, it is about being together and connecting with family. But having presents does make the occasion a little special as it often brings joy. Now, you might think that a Virtual Christmas Party has to be e-vouchers or something send online. Nah, you can still make it fun! Remember the Wishlist? Well, the person in your household must gather the items that for example your mum wants to give you. (Or mum order’s it and get it delivered to your housemate) The items need to be wrapped and put under the tree. So on during the virtual Christmas party, everyone can open presents and it still being a surprise! How cute!

Virtual Christmas Entertainment

This needs to stand out from a normal FaceTime or catch up. But before we dive in, the most important part is that it needs to be very personal, what do YOU want to do with YOUR family? What would be fun for EVERYONE? With most hosting platforms you can share your screen, which provides you with so many opportunities. For example, watch a Christmas movie together, sing karaoke, play online games or share a presentation. You can share photos from your childhood Christmas or from Christmas decorations in the neighbourhood or even from Christmas trees all around the world. Some games you can play are Heads up, Guess the tune or Trivia. You can also do some crafts, decorate cookies together or read Christmas stories. There are so many ideas, just make it work for everyone so this can be memorable. Check out my Pinterest where I share more information on these fun games!

Virtual Christmas Party Games

Food And Drinks

If you are in the same timezone you can organise to actually do the same thing together. Such as ordering the same foods, making the same Christmas cocktails, cook together or have a tasting. When you celebrate at different times this might be a bit tricky, so this comes down to creating your own festive menu which excites you and makes you feel special. You can show your Christmas menu, decorated tables and special drinks to feel like you’re there with each other.

Virtual Christmas Takeaway

A Virtual Christmas Party might be just what you need either it being distanced from loved ones or needing a break of the craziness of this season! How will you celebrate this year? Share in the comments below to inspire others! Life has changed and we just have to admit it, so let’s find the positives and flourish together! Do something special that you will never forget. Embrace Magical December, a month where you focus on taking care of YOURSELF, leave the year that was behind and become excited for what’s to come.

A Virtual Christmas Allows You To Reconnect With Family Peacefully

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