How To Host A Virtual Christmas Party

Christmas At Truthful Tea Talks

I know, not a lot of people are particularly excited for Christmas this year, which is totally understandable. I felt the same, I didn’t even want to set up the tree. Now, the holidays are very different for me regardless as I moved to the other side of the world and have no family here. So, Christmas never really is Christmas for me. But totally bailing out, NO, I couldn’t let that happen. I started to brainstorm on how I could get excited again. Suddenly, LIGHTBULB moment, VIRTUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY. As the family back home might be in a lockdown they can’t actually celebrate properly neither, so why not celebrate together virtually. Now, I have to admit that since COVID virtual life is becoming a norm, so for long-distance relationships, it truly made an impact. Celebrating Christmas online doesn’t sound so crazy anymore as it would last year, right? 

Virtual Christmas Mindset

Ok, So before I dive into the practical stuff of this event, we need to discuss the mindset around this whole thing! YES, December will be different, we know that, so stop thinking about the negatives. Try and find positives, I might not able to physically see my family and friends, but THANK god for Wifi right? Imagine if Covid was also an online virus… It’s all about embracing new traditions, have an open mind, do not focus on the perfect Christmas, but be excited for a different Christmas. Stop comparing! It’s hard, I know, some states or parts of the world might be able to celebrate in person. But that doesn’t mean its safe for you, don’t risk it! Stay close to YOU, do right by YOU and do not look at others, this is KEY! Alright, your mindset is all ready to go, Let’s plan this new Christmas Tradition!

Virtual Preparation

Firstly I created an invitation for everyone to create their Wishlist, this will be the highlight of the party. Next, you might have to think about the time difference and preferences to make it work for everyone. I have chosen that for me it will be morning and for my family, it will be evening. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, I’m a morning person and I love tea. So, hell yeah, I’m excited for a Christmas Brekkie Party. I know this might not sound fun for everyone so choose something that works for you! Lastly, it’s planning time, think about the following; Hosting platform, video and audio tests, background, yummy food, special drinks, dress code, decorations, and entertainment online. Make sure to check it twice. 🙂

Christmas At Truthful Tea Talks

Christmas Highlight

Presents, I know, it is about being together and connecting with family. But having presents does kinda help you connect as it brings joy, right? And let’s be honest, Christmas without presents? Nah! Now, one of the reasons I never feel like Christmas is that I don’t see my family opening my presents, as it is hard to organise overseas, often they are vouchers send via email. This year, I came up with a plan! Everybody makes a Wishlist, mum chooses what she wants to buy for my partner, Andrew, she tells me, I buy and wrap it and put it under the tree. (Or she order’s it online and get it delivered to me) Result, everybody has an actual surprise present under the tree from loved ones. So on Christmas, we can open presents together online, while being on the other side of the world. How cute!

Virtual Christmas Entertainment

This might sound a little too prepared but you want it to stand out from a normal FaceTime. Most importantly, this part needs to be very personal, what do YOU want to do with YOUR family? What would be fun for EVERYONE? With most hosting platforms you can share your screen, which provides you with so many opportunities. For example, watch a Christmas movie together, sing karaoke, play online games or share a presentation. You can share photos from your childhood Christmas or from Christmas decorations in the neighbourhood or even from Christmas trees all around the world. Some games you can play are Heads up, Guess the tune or Trivia. Check out my Pinterest where I share more fun games! You can also do some crafts together, decorate cookies together or read Christmas stories. There are so many ideas, just make it work for everyone so this can be memorable. 

Food And Drinks

If you are in the same timezone you can organise to actually do the same together. Such as eating the same foods, create the same cocktails, cook together or have a tasting. When you celebrate at different times this might be a bit tricky, I can’t see myself drinking a cocktail early in the morning, but if you can, go for it! So this comes down to creating your own festive menu which excites you and makes you feel special. I will probably have a breakfast buffet table that shouts Christmas. You can show each other your Christmas menu, decorated tables and special drinks to feel like you’re there with each other.

Virtual Christmas Takeaway

Christmas isn’t lost, and for me, I feel this might become the best Christmas since moving to Australia! A Virtual Christmas Party might be just what you need when you have been separated from each other, being it lockdown or long distance. Do you have any ideas, how will you celebrate this year? Share in the comments below to inspire others! This year has been hard on everyone and I think we should end it on a positive note. Do something special that we will never forget. That’s why I will engage in Magical December, a month where I finally focus on taking care of ME, leaving 2020 behind and commit to feeling excited for 2021. Join my journey! Sign up below to be inspired and reminded of what matters most, YOU! #3TsMagicalDecember

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