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Tea Talks February Monthly Catch up

Ok, February has not been great. In all honesty, I lost track of everything. I can’t really pinpoint what or why it happened, but it just did. I’m trying not to be too hard on myself but more focussing on the lessons that I have learnt this month. I just haven’t felt 100% and it kept dragging on the whole month. I need to find my Mojo again. Lucky for me, this Monthly Catch Up allows me to refocus and go back to what matters most! I love the idea of a fresh start and guess what, the 1st of March was on a MONDAY! What a great way to reset.


My February To-Do List was:

  1. Read 2 books (+ 1 to catch up from January): I read the book “Crappy to Happy” by Cass Dunn. Absolutely loved it. Read the little pocketbook: “The joy of missing out” by Debbi Marco.” and read “The little book of happiness.” by Miriam Akhtar MAPP. Yess 2 books were small, however, I really enjoyed them.
  2. Restaurant date night: Yess, we went to an Italian Restaurant in the city and went all out. It was amazing, we took a stroll after dinner and honestly, it felt like I was on holiday. Yet, another reminder I need to do this more!
  3. Treat myself to a massage: I have been looking for a massage therapist in my neighbourhood but haven’t found one yet. I need to feel comfortable and happy with my choice, so I’m taking my time to find the perfect fit.
  4. Create a healthy dessert for each week: I did! Every week I had homemade Peanut butter cups for dessert. YUM!
  5. Indulge in 5 hours of learning: I did so well with this one! I have been truly focussing on my blog course and I have learnt so much already! This would be my achievement for February. I followed through on my learning goal! YAY.

My March To-Do List:

  1. Read 2 books
  2. 1 night of NO TV per week
  3. Get a massage
  4. Complete at least 5 nagging tasks
  5. Take a friend out for Dinner or Lunch


My habit for January was: Blogilates Challenge

To keep it short, the answer is, NO. I didn’t do it. I’m a little disappointed, but I get it. My workout routine was consistent, every morning at 6 AM I’m doing my workout or I go for a run. But adding an extra workout after work, HA, I was shooting for the stars. My expectations were too high. I should’ve known that after work my energy levels are low. Reflecting on it. I need to adjust my expectations so I can find my groove again. In March, I will make an effort to journal. I truly think that this is what I need right now. Guidance for my daily routine and habit, I won’t put a timeframe nor amount, no pressure this time. If I do this a couple of days next month, I will be happy.

My Habit for March is: Journaling

Gratitude Attitude

There is so much to be grateful for, but I think this month, I’m super grateful that I didn’t get sick. Most of the children were sick at work from fever and vomit to the flu. Even a lot of staff members were not able to stay clear of the germs. So for me, I’m happy that I got spared this time and stayed healthy through it all. As the temperatures are changing here in Australia and winter is on the horizon, Flu season is coming too. So if you have any tips on how to stay healthy, please share!

Monthly Mantra

Start Somewhere.

I’m going to get back on track. I will remind myself that I can start somewhere and that this somewhere will have an impact on me no matter how small. No pressure on achieving big things, celebrating the small wins. Every step counts and starting is the most important step.

I’m ready for March! How about you? Did you feel the February slump too? Don’t forget you can find your own Monthly Catch Up Journal in my Resource Library. Enjoy your cuppa, reflect on the past month and get excited to achieve your goals for March! Share your Monthly Catch Up in the comments or on Instagram under the #3TsTeaTalk.

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