5 Ways To Stay on Track With Your Intentions

Tracking my intentions

Can you believe it? We are approaching the end of January! INSANE, it goes so quickly. Which is super scary. How are you going with the intentions you set for this year? I feel a little slump coming. I’m losing my momentum, the motivation is slowly fading and I’m getting off track! I’m not as committed anymore as the start of January, life is back to normal! Which means often falling back into the old habits. When you feel this arising it’s time to push that alarm bell and STOP. You have come this far, DO NOT FALL BACK. I feel the negative self-talk starting, “Yeah you did well, but you still have a while to go, not even halfway yet!” Such a party pooper right! So let’s dive into some tricks on how to stay on track in February and keep going!

Reassess your routine

Looking at my routines over the week I can conclude that my Morning routine is all set and I’m sticking to it, which feels amazing! My evening routine is still a struggle, I did great the first 2 weeks but I’m already skipping a few things. You too? Well, turns out life isn’t going the way we planned. SO WHAT? Let’s reassess our routine and change it up. The main question we should ask ourselves is; Why is it not working? Can we adjust our routine and still reach our intentions? I will be asking the same questions for my weekend. All I want to do is relax, while I can actually achieve so much! So creating a weekend routine would probably help me. One Quote that sticks with me and motivates me for the weekend is: “Don’t let your weekend be your weak end.” Currently, that’s what’s happening.

Keep Moving

The one thing I truly suggest is to stick to your workout routine. Moving your body does wonders. It provides you with energy, boosts a good mood and improves your sleep. So the one thing you should truly make an effort for is to continue to move your body! It doesn’t have to be high intensity every day, as long as you move. Either it is a walk, yoga, HIIT, running, zumba, anything that will allow you to focus on your body. When doing this, your confidence will grow too as you see progress, you might run faster or you become stronger. This increase in confidence will help you stay focused on your intentions. So keep moving and reap the benefits.

Reality Check

We often have an all or nothing approach to our goals. I fell for the trap. I started to focus on a healthy lifestyle, we were in lockdown so I couldn’t see my friends, all I did was healthy eating and working out daily. Lockdown lifted and friends invited us for dinner. I had a panic attack. But what about my healthy eating? Looking back on it, this was insane. The focus is on lifestyle, to maintain this, so never indulging in fries again? I can’t do it. We need to find a way to stay consistent, so find that balance! Get a reality check and adjust your expectations. It’s OK to miss a run one day for whatever reason, there is no justification needed, as long as you start again the next day.

Scale Back Intentions

Yep, I have to scale back heaps! I just went for it, I did everything at the same time which just got too much and demotivated me. I need to focus on less, create a habit and once this is set I can focus on the next chapter. When you don’t go to work you have all the time and energy to focus on more intentions. Once back at work, I lose energy and time. Once I’m home my mind is not focussing on my habits anymore but more on my To-Do list for the next day. So scale back and focus on the one-step-at-the-time approach! 1 habit 100% focus and if I do the rest 3 times a week, Great. Brownie points!

Be Kind To Yourself

I get it, I’m the same. The reason I write it down is because I need a reminder for myself. We are too hard on ourselves, it is ok to fall back a little. As long as we pick ourselves up and the fact that we realise that we had a fallback, man that’s already in our favour! We are allowed to treat ourselves and sometimes we forget that. The worst part? A treat can actually motivate us and push us to get back on track! So let’s be kind to ourselves and be proud of what we have achieved so far! We got this!

With all this in mind, I feel that I am ready for February. To keep me accountable, I will ensure to keep up the tracking! This allows me to reflect on my day and make tweaks for the next day when necessary. Once I stop tracking, I lose focus. So for me, the main thing in February? Track! Keep an eye out Sunday for my Monthly Catch Up where I will look back on my intentions for the month! Let this be a reminder for you to do the same! Grab your monthly Journal in my library! See you Sunday with a cup of Tea.

Step Away, Take A Deep Breath, Reassess And Get Back On Track.

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