Make Your Own Rules So You Can Commit To Anything

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Ok, so the Plant-Based month has finished. Many of you have reached out and asked about my journey, this truly got me thinking. There are so many diets and challenges available for example dry July or a 30-day yoga challenge. It can become so overwhelming and often we just follow the pack. We get on board with our friends or whoever we follow on Social Media. Our opinions are often influenced and we lose touch on what we value ourselves. The one thing we often want is to fit in. We want to be part of that certain community and by doing this we often set ourselves up to fail. Now, we all know what failure does to our sense of self, right? So let’s create our own rules!

Own Rules Commitment

The main question I was asked at the end of January was if I was going to be Vegan. Well, I discovered yummy meals and I had a lot more energy. However, the thought of only eating plant-based foods for the rest of my life got me panicked. I loved it and I want to continue this but no more cheese? I can’t commit. So why do we have to label it? Vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian, why is this so important? Let go of the label and create your own rules. Choosing to do this, is about your values and that’s all that matters. Without the label, you can do YOU. Flexibility is what I need to commit but don’t be fooled, maybe you actually need the label to have strict rules to be able to stick to it. HA, it never is a one size fit all! Tricky, hey?

Steps To Make Your Own Rules

I know, I got you there, right. You have to go through steps to see what fits you, basically, you have to get to know yourself better. Are you an all or nothing type or can you accept moderation? Check my Instagram highlights to get an inside on your own personality. The following steps will help you decide on your own rules, create your own label. Within the steps, I will give examples with my plant-based journey, but you can apply this to anything!

1. Find your why

You need to realise why you are getting on board. Why does this speak to you? What is it specifically that you want to engage with? What is the end goal? Once you find the answers, you know that this belongs to you and that you can stay true to your values. No one else’s opinion matters.
↠ For me, it was all about the health benefits.

2. Decide what would work for you

What is the challenge that you can’t fully commit? What is holding you back? How can I adapt this to suit my needs? What rules will I set myself so I can reach my end goal while being realistic? Honesty will help you succeed as you are aware of the obstacles.
↠ At home, I will 100% eat plant-based foods. When grocery shopping everything will be plant-based. Going out? Work lunch? I will treat myself.

3. Plan ahead

Once you have the rules and are aware of the obstacles that might come your way, it’s time to plan ahead. How will you overcome these obstacles? What strategies are you going to put in place?
↠ I will find alternatives for my cravings.

4. Let go of perfectionism

Probably one of the hardest steps for me. Perfectionism is my biggest form of self-sabotage. By creating rules, I allow myself the flexibility I need to commit. As a perfectionist, full-time plant-based is setting myself up for failure because one slip and I will give it up altogether. So I rather have my own rules knowing I can reach the end goal on my own terms.
↠ I’m truly happy with my rules and I no longer have the need to fit in, I focus on my own needs. When I have a bad day, and I know non-vegan chocolate will cheer me up. I am doing it!! (In moderation of course!)

5. Be free of opinions

When deciding to go on this journey, you need to step away from other’s opinions. Not everyone will agree with you, so be it. It’s about you, and you only. Shake of the comments, go back to your why and be reminded why you started it in the first place.
↠ When I’m out eating with my Vegan friends, I will let go of the guilt of eating my treats. Just pure joy.

Your Own Rules Trap

I talked about finding your why, honesty and being realistic. Now there is a thin line that you will be walking on when following the steps. Being aware of the obstacles, trying to predict when you might fail and putting strategies in place is important. But are you sabotaging your end goal? For example, I want to feel healthier, I have proved that for my body eating plant-based foods actually has an impact. So, I decided to create my own rules, 100% plant-based at home. For me, it will have an impact as I eat at home 98% of the time. If you eat out 75% of the time, well, that rule won’t help you to reach your end goal. So when setting the rules make sure to check that they will ensure you reach your end goal.


Once you went through the steps you know what it truly is you want. With this clarity, you can tell your friends and seek support. But remember if their response isn’t what you were hoping for? Let it go! Stick to it, as this will make sure you can stay committed. It is important to note that these steps can be taken to create a plan for ANYTHING you want to achieve. Kickstarting a new business? Wanting to start a new course? Participating in Dry July? You can commit to it 100% when you tweak it your way. Focus on what you want to achieve and ensure you don’t fall for the trap! GOOD LUCK. Let me know what rules you have in place.

Your Biggest Commitment Must Always Be Yourself.

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