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It’s been such a stressful year, suddenly life was lived with a constant feeling of not being in control due to the unknown of everything around me. This left me constantly being in fight mode, as you can imagine, exhausting. I bet you feel me! So I decided that in December I will be focussing on what I CAN do instead of what I can’t. I truly hope to inspire you to do the same and try to end the year feeling happy and at peace. It will be hard, there is no denying, but what I have learnt is that when you see others moving forward and making the most of it, motivation creeps in and soon you will be doing the same. That’s why I have created the #3TsMagicalDecember where you can find inspiration to create YOUR perfect ending of 2020.

Be True To You

To ensure that you will achieve what you desire during this Magical December, it is important that you stay true to you. Focussing on who you are and not on the person who you would love to be. There is always a desire to strive for that dream version of yourself maybe it’s because everyone is doing it or the need to reap the benefits. For example, you’d like to be an expert in meditation, however, meditation stresses you out, yet, you do this every day. Magical December isn’t about working on your future self but prioritising YOU in the present moment. Focus on who you are right now and what you need currently. Ask yourself these questions so you know what to focus on. How do I feel right now? How do I want to feel? How will I get there? Are these actions in line with my values?

Turn Negatives Into Magic

We need to change our mindset, STOP looking at the negatives but find the positives. Virtual Christmas party this year? Let’s make it count because the 2020 Christmas, will be the one we talk about every single year, Believe me! Whenever you find yourself thinking or talking negatively, turn it into a positive by finding something good. For example, you’re worried that you might have to host several parties but turn this around and focus on the quality time you will have. Try to find positives and feel the instant change in your mood, mindset and motivation! Another way of feeling magic is to engage in acts of kindness. Studies have proven that not only it boosts the receivers feelings of happiness but also your own! Join in the movement of random acts of kindness and feel the Magic. PS: Kindness is also contagious! Winning.

The Little Things

What makes you happy? What brings joy to your life? What are the little things in life that bring a smile to your pretty face? You guessed it, Let’s embrace the power of little things. When we focus on the small things in life we have increased feelings of satisfaction and self-recognition. All these little moments of happiness will truly add up to something big. This December I will cherish the little things such as a walk on the beach or a cup of tea and be mindful while engaging in these magical moments. I will be grateful for the things I DO have. When we focus on this, we will feel a lot more positive and we can end the year strong!

Magical Acts for ME

Now that we have identified what makes you happy, it’s time for us to take action! We have to put ourselves first and make time to do the things that make us happy. Yes, Self-care can be powerful to you when used in the correct way and sometimes we truly need to press the reset button. You need to figure out what you need the most. For me, the holiday break will be pressing the reset button, I will nourish myself, declutter, rest and set goals. So, throughout December the main focus is to do acts for ME. Take a bath, read, sleep in, I will do the things that I need right now and will make me happy. Self-care, focussing on myself is all that counts this Magical December as this whole year I’ve looking after others, supporting them throughout this tough time, but now it’s time for me!

Magical Thoughts

Lastly, I’d like to add a little reflection to the end of the year. This is tricky as we can quickly go down the negative spiral and undo all the work we did above. So, be mindful when reflecting on 2020 and only look back at what positives it brought, the things you have achieved and the happy moments. At the end of December, I will be focussing on getting ready for 2021 by setting goals, manifesting and visualizing my future.

BOEM this is what Magical December is all about, putting yourself first and closing the year feeling empowered! Imagine how you feel on December 31st, the mindset, the motivation, the courage and the energy you will have to step into 2021. This might just be the push you need to get over 2020 and move on. Let’s do this together and utilise the power of the community to get us through! #3TsMagicalDecember, I can’t wait to see how you engage and inspire others to focus on yourself where you find strength and happiness.

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