7 Things To Do Before The Start Of The New Year

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I cannot believe this, but 2020 is truly coming to an end! We have been waiting for this moment for a long time now, hoping that 2021 will bring us solutions and reconnections. Every year though, halfway through December, I have this boost of motivation to go after my dreams. The desire to take action to become my future self! The 1st of January always feels like a fresh start even though most years I fall back into my bad habits after a few weeks. But, like every year, I will try and this year after everything that happened, I feel even more motivated! So to achieve the best reset yet, I am preparing properly this year. I thought to quickly share a list of a few things I’d like to do before this year ends. 

1. Treat Myself

Yep, I am still engaging in Magical December and I am completely putting myself first. Once the holiday break rolls on I will have a ME day, Pj’s all day, Christmas movies, Pamper Session, Reading blogs and Drinking Tea. I will also indulge in my favourite foods with NO guilt, just enjoyment. Knowing that I will fully commit in the New Year, allows me to fully enjoy my Virtual Christmases. I just received a package from my best friend with some of my favourite Chocolates. It brings me so much joy! Btw we are hosting a giveaway, check it out on my Instagram.

2. Get My health In Order 

Once Christmas passes and all the virtual parties are over I will get my health back on track! I want to enjoy the end of 2020, but I am aware that my health will be my main focus in 2021. I will decide on my workout routine, find new healthy recipes, and brainstorm on how to heal my gut. So to end the year right, I will do a 5-day Detox, not only a food detox but a skin detox too! I’m not a believer in the all or nothing approach, so YES, I will still enjoy some of my chocolate treats. With 2020 being a massive year, I have neglected my healthy habits and in 2021, I am committed to getting this started again. Watch Me! (Yep, Just got the extra accountability by writing this! Oops.)

3. Experience The Art Of Tidying

Look, as I have mentioned here, A tidy home means a lot to me. As I have some time off during the holidays, I will declutter a few places in my home to feel empowered. Not only will I declutter my home, but also my phone, emails and paperwork. It will set me up for a beautiful start and feeling organised is often the little push I need to keep going to achieve my goals. It feels like a clean slate, ready to go. Now it might not be the most fun thing to do during your time off, but it truly pays off! Just embrace the art of tidying, it helps you to stay in the present moment. Why not turn on some of your favourite tunes and dance away. Think of all the calories you will burn!

5. Moments of Growth

I am currently enrolled in a few courses and I’d like to make some progress and learn! I am always keen to grow on a personal level. Over the next couple of weeks, I will indulge in Podcasts, Ted Talks, Blogs and off course my courses! I’m ready to absorb it all. When I am engaged in personal growth it fosters my self-awareness which truly helps me to become clear on what I want in life. This clarity is a motivation booster and it skyrockets my happiness levels.

4. Embrace The Outdoors

I’m such a homebody and not having to leave the house is like a dream. However, getting outside in the fresh air is something I enjoy too but don’t actually do enough. So I will push myself to enjoy nature fully to end the year right so I’m in the habit of getting that fresh air. Being in nature is so important for our wellness as it boosts our happiness, mood and productivity. It helps to ground us and fosters our gratitude attitude.

6. Journal For Self-Reflection

This year more than ever it is important that we look back on all the things we have achieved. Find the positives of 2020 and be grateful for what we have and how far we have come. I will journal every day for the next 10 days. I have a love-hate relationship with journaling, I find it very confronting but it helps me to get organised and find the self-love I need. This habit is something I’d like to incorporate within my daily routine, but so far, I have not achieved this! So the next 10 days I will push myself and stick to it!

7. Plan My Intentions

OK, I still do not have a planner and have no idea what planner to get. But this is definitely a must-have before the new year starts! I find it important to think about what I want to achieve in 2021. Not only do I think about the end goals but also about the steps in between, what do I have to do before I can get there. When I think about what I want to achieve, I do not just set resolutions, I find a deeper meaning. Why do I want to achieve this and what is important to me. It needs to align with my values and I need to feel like it is part of me and not just coming from determination.

I will be focussing on all these aspects as I truly want to end the year right and set myself up for success next year. As you know by now I truly love my routines and I feel like I’m thriving when I stick to them, sticking to these while I am on holiday break, will be KEY! It is important to note that these are things that I need to do before the new year starts, but this doesn’t mean they will help you. You will need to find out what is key to you, you might be the opposite and throw out the routine and go all freestyle! Ask yourself what it is you need these last couple of weeks of 2020 and make sure you prioritise this.

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