Tea Talks | Monthly Catch Up Launch

Launch of Monthly Catch Ups

Ready to chase your dreams? The Tea Talks | Monthly Catch Up series is designed to inspire you to stay on track with what really matters. I have created a journal with prompts, where each month we can add milestones to our To-Do list to achieve our intentions. We break down our goals and focus on setting small achievable actions. Every month we can choose 1 habit that will get us closer to our dreams and an important aspect added to the journal is a section for Gratitude Attitude. To be motivated and inspired we will choose a monthly Mantra to push ourselves and to stay focused on the goals set! Hopefully, these strategies will help us to achieve our goals and become one step closer to our dream future self. You can download your Monthly Catch Up journal Here.

Below is an overview of my resolutions for 2021. This might give you some ideas to add to your intention journal. From this list, we will fill out our Monthly Catch Up Journal to ensure that by the end of the year, we can tick off all the boxes! Below, I have also added some extra information on the different sections in the journal. Just one quick reminder before we get started. IMPERFECTION IS BEAUTY. If you don’t hit your goal, that’s ok, reflect WHY it happened. Either move up the goal another month or simply set another one. Things happen and that is OK!

Truthful Tea Talks 2021 Intentions


This is the section where we make those big intentions achievable. It’s important that we start small, so instead of reading 24 books in one month, I try to read 2. This will keep us motivated as it is doable. By doing this it is super important to check in each month, so we can adjust the goal if needed. Here is an idea what my To-Do List can look like.

  1. Cook 4 new recipes
  2. Read 2 books
  3. Stock up on Beauty Products
  4. Book my doctors appointment
  5. Get Organised


Each month we will choose a habit. We will only pick one! Yes, we can easily combine a few such as a daily workout and applying sunscreen before heading out. However, let’s stick with 1. Why? Well, we want to be able to commit fully. One step at a time. This will allow us to put all our willpower towards one goal and it will increase our chances to succeed. As habits take a while to establish, we want to give ourselves time and take away the stress of too much on our plate. All focus and attention on one goal only.

My Example habit is: Adopt a plant based diet

Gratitude Attitude

An important aspect we often overlook is gratitude. We need to show that we are grateful for the past month. This will ensure that we keep our heart full, it will boost our happiness levels and foster our positive mindset. Nothing better than thinking of all the goodness from the past month. For example, this month’s Gratitude moment goes to my Virtual Party. It was amazing to reconnect with family in a fun and different way. I’m grateful that everyone was open to catch up virtually and took the time to be present. I’m committed to stay connected and make this a reoccurring event!

Monthly Mantra

I Will Find A Way

Each month we will set a mantra that keeps us focussed. This mantra will bring awareness to our goals and shift our daily routine to ensure we continue to chase our dreams. This Month’s mantra for me will be a way to get used to my routines, adapt to changes that come my way and achieve my goals. We know we can do it but for some reason, it never happens. Well, enough is enough. This Month I will find a way to make it happen!

If you want to join me and chase our dreams together, sign up below for my FREE resources! If you are already a TEA-m Member, head over to my library and get the Monthly Catch Up Journal so you can fill in your own progress and we can Catch Up each month together! Don’t forget to grab your cup of Tea to make this moment enjoyable! Remember, tracking our progress increases our chances of success. This moment of filling in our journal is an important act of Self-care, make it count! Share your Monthly Catch Up in the comments or on Instagram under the #3TsTeaTalk.

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