New Year Resolutions Set Yourself Up For Success

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Ok ok, I have to talk about New Year resolutions, most blogs are now touching base on this topic, that I can’t avoid it. Everyone has their own relationship with them right. It might inspire you or it drives you up the wall, either way, you can’t ignore the fact that it soon will be a new year and that is something special. For me, It does give me the feeling of a fresh start and every year I attempt to set resolutions. Funny though that they are always the same as I never seem to achieve my goals. I looked at the possible why, and for me, I lose track. I forget about them and never look back. For you, it might be a different reason so I thought to touch base on a few key elements in the hope this year we will all achieve our goals together.

A Habit Or A To-Do Resolution

When we have a look at the New Year Resolution lists we can easily split up our resolutions into 2 categories. Firstly the ones where we’d like to create a habit, such as watching less TV or a healthy lifestyle while others are more a To-Do list item such as travel to Europe or donate old clothes. It is important that we distinguish these 2 categories as both demand different actions from us. To-Do list resolutions, need to be ticked off once and we’re done. While habits, on the other hand, are harder to achieve as they demand a lot more of us, consistency, willpower and determination. We need to be mindful of this as it can make or break our intentions.

Don’t Underestimate Time

The main source for me not achieving my goals is time. I know, I know a lame excuse but it’s true. Time goes so quickly, suddenly it’s July and I haven’t even started my resolutions yet, so why even bother right? To tackle this, you can set deadlines for each individual goal and most importantly, check in regularly. In relation to our habit focussed goals, we underestimate how long it takes for us to create a new habit or break old habits. It takes almost 28 days for new habits to become part of our routine. Mostly, we give up after 15 days and lose our motivation. Try and stick it out till the end of January and who knows, it might just become part of your routine. Once we stop 1 day, we often stop altogether, sound familiar? It’s ok to pause, but make sure to start again quickly.

Important Questions

When setting these resolutions it is important to think about the why behind this. You must have heard this many times now but its truly important, knowing and most of all remember why you started. It will give meaning and power to what you want to achieve. So do not just set some goals because of the girl next door, NO, do it for you and for your future self. Find ways you are motivated and enjoying it. For example, if you want to be more active find something that brings you joy, you don’t like running what about Zumba or an at-home Pilates workout? Ask yourself some important questions so resolutions become intentions. How do I want to feel? What gives me energy? What do I want to achieve? What do I need to achieve this? How can I break it down? How will I know I achieved this?

Break it down

Imagine, January rolls on and you take on all resolutions at once, get overwhelmed, and by the end of February, you decide resolutions aren’t just set out for you. Yep, that’s me! Let’s all stop setting ourselves up to fail. Firstly, be specific, resolutions are often open-ended, turn it into a goal that is more specific. Next, BREAK IT DOWN. What do you want to achieve first? Decide on the steps you need to take. Want to run 10k? You have to run 5k First. Set little goals for you to achieve before you reach your end goal, this will foster your confidence which is key! While breaking it down it is important to check in regularly to keep track of what you wanted to achieve and celebrate the little wins! Be reminded of your why and find the motivation to continue to kick ass!

Allow resolutions to change

While you are having your check in’s it is important to allow your intentions to change or even the way you achieve them. I think 2020 has thought us that we need to be adaptable and that we can achieve our goals as long as we embrace change and are flexible. My biggest goal for 2020 was to reconnect with family, as I was going back home for 4 weeks. Of course, all travel got canceled, so my first initial thought was to give up. But in the end, I reached my goal through online catch-ups and my Virtual Christmas Party. I achieved my goals but not how I planned it and guess what that is ok! Some goals are still on my list and I found peace with that because things happen. Don’t be too hard on yourself, be kind, and move forward. How will achieve these this year?

New Year Resolution Takeaway

Well, I have come up with a plan for myself. I will hold Monthly Catch Ups on my blog where I will look back on my intentions and look at my progress or standstills. Looking at my goals and habits individually, as well as my timeline and see if it still matters to me. I might adjust my plan or focus and refer back to the important questions. I’d like to invite you to do the same. In my Library, you can find my journal sheet where you can track your own progress. Not a TEA-m member yet? Sing up below! Let these posts be a reminder for you to sit down and work your way through your New Year Resolutions. Ideally, with a cup of Tea off course, this needs to be fun! I look forward to catching up and achieving our goals together!

New Year. New Me. Same Dreams. Fresh Start.

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