July Is The New December Revisit Your Intentions

July is the new December Revisit intentions

July is here which means we are halfway through the year, I know, this always comes as a shock! Time flies and it’s bloody scary. For me, July is the new December, time to recharge, check-in and reset. Remember the popular Magical December, where we put ourselves first? Time for Magical July! This month isn’t only an opportunity to get our health back on track, yep talking about dry July, but it’s also a beautiful time to check in with our goals. Remember how we got excited to set intentions for the year, yep it’s the halfway mark so time to see how we doing.

Forgive yourself

Why are we always so hard on ourselves? Before we look back on our intentions we need to remind ourselves to be kind. Celebrate the small achievements! Life happens, things might not go the way we planned and that is ok! As July is the new December, I translate the “7 things to do before the start of the new year” into 7 things to do before the end of July. I forgive myself for the actions I haven’t taken and focus on what I can do from today. August means a fresh start and July is my prep month, we might not have the public holidays to prep but why not take some time off? A break mid-year, to fill up our cup and renew that motivation!

July Motivation

July should be a month that reignites our motivation to chase our dreams. Firstly, look at the progress we have made, take a moment to be proud of ourselves. Yes, maybe we might come to terms that we haven’t ticked off many items on our list but luckily, we have time left to do so! This should give us the energy to tackle these intentions. Find motivation by reading the motivational blog posts that go out at the end of each year. Yes, these are published in December, so what!? Maybe you are even planning to do a Christmas in July so it might all resonate anyway. Let’s find that spark we had in January to kick some ass. This should give us the push we need to achieve what we desire. Below are my top blog posts for the end of the year that you can easily translate to July.

Revisit your Intentions

January often brings a lot of pressure to set intentions, yep talking about the holiday hangover. So you might have goals that are no longer relevant. Revisit your list, ask yourself, does it still align? Remind yourself of the WHY, why do you want to achieve this? Why did I write it down in the first place? It might also be a good idea to quickly check in why you haven’t taken any action yet. Don’t dwell on it, don’t make excuses, be honest. The answer might allow you to find strategies to get back on track. If needed, just throw away your January intentions and set new ones, the ones that are truly meaningful for you.

I did it list.

The only way you’ll stay motivated or find that lost motivation is to focus on your achievements. Look back on each month and write down all the things you did. From consistently doing your own laundry to the trips you’ve made. Make a highlight of your past 6 months and be proud. If it is difficult for you to find your achievements, use this as the power to make the most of the next 6 months! Book in that skydive or message that friend that you know will keep you accountable. I love a good “I did it list”, why not make it a habit to write this list every night! Imagine how you would feel by the time December rolls on and you can easily see all the things you have achieved. Self-confidence overflow!

Set yourself up for success.

May I suggest reading my “5 ways to stay on track with your intentions” post? These tips will help you to make it to the end of the year! Most of our goals are not achieved because we simply forget about them! Make them visible, you might not want to have them on your bathroom mirror, but how about a screenshot and set it as your home screen on your phone? Add your intentions to your calendar or set reminders. Break it down into small actions you know you can and will do. With 6 months left you can make sure to focus on what is truly necessary and scrap those intentions that are no longer front of mind.

Have I convinced you yet how powerful the mindset of “July is the new December” can be? July should rejuvenate you, just like Magical December does! Put on your July glasses and read the end of the year articles that motivate you each year and filter through. Pay attention to the key takeaways and apply them to today. Each month I catch up on my goals and I post them in the Tea Talks section to keep myself accountable. In my FREE resource library, you can find the Monthly Catch Up journal so you can stay on top of yours.

Character Is The Ability To Carry Out A Good Resolution Long After The Excitement Of The Moment Has Passed.

Cavett Robert

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