How to succeed at self-motivation


Motivation is something so important but oh so abstract. So firstly, let’s take look at the meaning of this word. I like doing this because it helps me to form a deeper understanding and it creates more clarity.  So here is what I found on the net; Motivation “a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.” While the word “motivated” gives you this definition; “someone who is eager to accomplish a goal.” So yes, we kinda need this in our lives and preferably most days right? So, what if you wake up and you just don’t feel it? 

How to motivate yourself? 

Now, I have chosen not to provide you with a 100 idealist on how to motivate yourself, you can easily find this on the web. There are many strategies out there to spark that motivation and you probably already know a few that might work for you! Well, Evi, why do I need to keep reading then? Well, this blog is a little different. I have researched these 100 pages and tried it all out, but I want to share with you the truth and the hacks that I found were successful for me. Truthfully? This might not work for you, but looking at it from another point of view might just be what you need! 

Difference between un-motivated and a bad day?

Before we get into it, I do like to highlight that I am talking about a MEH day and not a bad day. For me, these are 2 different things. A bad day is when things are not going right, something happened or you just feel sad. While being un-motivated, is not having the drive to keep going. There is a difference which we have to acknowledge! When someone feels motivated, for me that means being productive, chasing your goals and dreams, basically kicking ass! So we have to find different strategies for each of these obstacles and that is very personal. We will need to do a little digging to find out what will spark for you. I have listed 5 findings that will get you started, things you need to be aware of to succeed at self-motivation.

5 successful motivational findings 

1. Move yourself to motivation

Right, let’s start with the obvious one, but the oh so powerful one! MOVE. Ideally, even outdoors, fresh air is extra points! I know so, cliché, but moving just gets the juices flowing, for some reason bright ideas pop up while I run or go for a walk. When this happens, MOTIVATION boost galore! So, if this is so cliché, why still mention it? Because even though everyone knows it, this is not the obvious choice. When I feel un-motivated the last thing I want to do is move, I want to lay down and hide. We need to find the kind of movement that will break this pattern, what do you like to do? Pilates, yoga, running, boxing, anything that brings a smile to your face, go do it! Feel the difference.

2. Setting Goals  

Let’s have a quick look again at the definition of someone who is motivated, “someone who is eager to accomplish a goal”. Yeah you noticed it too, we need to have a goal. Why? Well, it brings excitement and it gives you a clear understanding of what you want to achieve. It helps you focus and realize what is significant to you, what matters most. It improves your control of self. So when your motivation is lost, go back to your goals and feel the shift in mindset. If the set goals are truly close to your heart, you will get that kick that’s needed to get going! Now a little secret for you, setting goals used to overwhelm me. I found it hard to identify, I was scared to fail and never knew how to begin. Well, this leads me to the next point, keep it small!

3. Small is key

Just like I mentioned here, small is essential. Break everything down, your goals, your responsibilities, your day. When you see it in smaller chunks, it is less overwhelming and you are more willing to tackle it! Once you start, you often keep going without even noticing it. WINNING! Once you tackle something small, you experience this sense of accomplishment and it makes you feel good. This boosts your self-esteem and often that is just what we need. Knowing that you can do it, I am enough! 

4. Inner-Motivation

Other people can affect our motivation, you know the Debbie Downers or Negative Nancy’s, and don’t forget the Karens! We all have these people in our life, just bringing us down, intentional or not. So, protecting ourselves from their vibes is important. We need to look internally and remind ourselves of what we value, Yep these values again hey! Just reminding ourselves of the goals we have set and what matters most today. Doing this sparks my motivation immediately as I remember what I really want and this contributes to my happiness. Self-motivation is most important, do not rely on outer input. You got this, believe in yourself!  

5. Motivation Inspiration

Ha, this one might be a little odd for some, but for me, it works. Ready? The good old Quotes. Yep, reading motivational quotes for some reason just gives me that little push to get out of the bluh zone. I have created a board on Pinterest where I can go when needed and scroll endlessly. Honestly, after some mindful scrolling, I feel a change in my mood. To top this all up, I press play on my favorite playlist and dance around like no one is watching. (Yep, anywhere!) MOOD BOOSTED. Check ✔️

These are my key findings for lifting myself up when I don’t feel motivated. There are so many that you can try, but for some reason, these are just vital for me and I hope they can make a difference for you too! But really, some days it might just not work and guess what! That’s OK don’t be too hard on yourself! Accept it, Let it go, go to bed and try again tomorrow! Every day is a new chance to begin. What do you do when you’re in a little funk like this? 

There is a difference between giving up and knowing when to take a break

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