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Aesthetic Monthly Catch Up June

Can you believe it? We are halfway through the year! Why is time flying? I don’t like it aye! Anyway, July is approaching and you know, I love a fresh start. So, as July is the new December, it’s time we get cracking! I explained my thoughts on this concept in this post. You gotta check it out. It is so important that we have this mindset as it can be so beneficial. This Monthly Catch up is key, halfway through the year, so we need to check in with our resolutions from back in December. How are we travelling? Are we continuing to chase our dreams? Make sure to Pause and check in with your intentions for the next 6 months.


My June To-Do List was:

  1. Read 2 books: You know I like my little books. So I read “The little book of Sloth Philosophy” by Jennifer McCartney and “Hygge” by Marie Tourell Soderberg.
  2. Finish My Blogging Course: OMG I did, I went through it all. I have to revisit a lot of chapters, but I went through it all. It feels so good.
  3. Submit my Blog for Audit: Yes, I did! You might have noticed, I have updated my homepage as this was 1 of the suggestions from the audit!
  4. Change Closet to Winter: Yep, All changed! Jumpers, jackets for the win.
  5. Create a Winter Bucket List: I have not. Not even started. oops! Let’s try again next month.

My July To-Do List:

  1. Read 2 Books
  2. Create a winter bucket list
  3. Indulge in Hygge moments
  4. Create America slides to revisit the holiday for Date Night.
  5. Focus on Night-Time Routine


My Habit for June was: Continue to Meal Prep On Sunday and Wednesday

Let’s say, kind of. I did get a little tired of cooking and lost all my motivation to be in the kitchen. So it didn’t happen as much as I would’ve liked, but that’s OK! I have to accept that some months are imperfect. Let’s call June Imperfect and strive for a better July! I’m working on my meal plans and reading lots of cookbooks to feel inspired again. Cooking has never been my thing so this is an area I give myself some credit for! But hey, I’m working on it.

My Habit for July is: Get consistent again with waking at 6 AM. The past couple of weeks, winter got the best of me. I have not been getting up early so as you can imagine, no workouts were done at all. So my goal is to get up at 6 AM again and get moving! My strategy? Plan the workout the night before, prep my space and get my clothes ready! I got this.

Gratitude Attitude

I’m super grateful that I had the opportunity to take 2 weeks off. I truly needed to recharge and indulge in self-care. In my first week, I still had too many things on my To-Do list and kept running around. Didn’t even start my new workout routine. Then, Lockdown happened, so I had to stay at home, this forced me to look at my routine and kickstart it properly. I set myself up to succeed in July by already getting up at 6 AM, getting used to my morning routine so when going back to work, it wouldn’t affect me! I spend a lot of time reading, planning my weeks ahead and reflecting on my past 6 months. GRATEFUL for the time I invested in myself!

Monthly Mantra


Short but powerful. I’m well aware that this will always be a struggle for me. Eating healthy, Fitness, drinking water, posting on my blog and social media presence are all things that need consistency to succeed. Constant effort to win. Yet, I will be good for a couple of months before it will disappear. All hard work gone. So, once again my goal is to remain consistent across the board. Strategy? PLANNING AND REMINDING. I will plan my weeks ahead and while I plan, I will add reminders to my calendar and phone. Let’s give this is a chai aye!

Throughout this Monthly Catch Up, you might have noticed how I kept talking about planning! Yes, I am obsessed with planning. As June was a bit of a struggle, let’s not beat around the bush. I knew I had to get it together for July! So I created a weekly and daily planner to keep myself on track. These planners will be part of my morning and evening routine! Stay tuned as I will be posting about the importance of routines soon! My planners will be available in the FREE resource library soon.

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