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July Catch Up

July, not the month I envisioned. Here in Sydney, we had to embrace the hardest restrictions, yet. And guess what, this is extended for another 4 weeks. Lockdown August, here we come! To top this all up, I was sick for about 2 weeks, man, I sound like a broken record. I once again had Laryngitis, when this started to ease, I got hit with a cold. It took me 2 weeks to feel a little more alive and now 3 weeks on, I still struggle with a sporadic cough. So let’s say July was focused on surviving and last week, I hit a very low point. I realized that things truly needed to change, so my first step was to sign up for a new fitness app. This was a motivation boost, just what I needed. Now, let’s dive into the July catch up, I added a new section! July made me truly accept imperfection. Guys life really happened.


My July To-Do List was:

  1. Read 2 Books: I did, as I mentioned in this post, I discovered Meik Wiking and boy, I love his books! Honestly, the “Little Book of Hygge” and “the little book of Lykke” are added to my list of favourite books.
  2. Create a winter bucket list: No, it didn’t even cross my mind and with only 1 month left in winter, I’ll move it to next year.
  3. Indulge in Hygge moments: Yess, fairy lights, blankets, candles, and tea was what kept me going this month!
  4. Create America slides to revisit the holiday for Date Night.: As you can guess, nope, did not happen.
  5. Focus on Night-Time Routine: The only real focus that happened was going to bed earlier, which I did.

My August To-Do List:

  1. Read 2 Books
  2. Don’t let the weekend be your weak-end!
  3. No Alchohol all month
  4. Don’t watch the news
  5. Become a pro at Tailwind and grow my Pinterest! (blog stuff)


My Habit for July was: Get consistent again with waking at 6 AM

Well, at least I did it the last week of July. The rest of the month was basically recovering and getting healthy, which meant getting as much sleep as possible. The alarm clock is set for 6 AM every weekday, I will take this goal with me in August! Getting up at 6 AM, truly makes me feel good. It’s a great accomplishment and it sets me up for the day. By writing this July Catch Up, I realized how important it is for me to stick to this habit!

My Habit for August is: Stick to my new Fitness Program I signed up for Centr, the app created by Chris Hemsworth. I chose the Centr Unleashed Program, 6 weeks of HIIT and HILIT. They are about 30 min long which I can do perfectly before work! Exercise is something that can stay consistent throughout lockdown. Having purpose (completing this program) will help me stay positive during these uncertain times.

Gratitude Attitude

I’m very lucky that I am still able to go to work. I’m incredibly thankful for this, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it does get a little scary. Last week our preschool got closed and everyone had to get covid tested, the closest exposure to the virus I have experienced. If it wasn’t for my team members at work, I would probably be crying in a corner. My team is there each day with a big smile, guiding me through. I’m so happy to have them next to me, caring for all these little kiddos, allowing the parents to work from home. We had superhero week and believe me, these humans are my superheroes every day! 100% Gratitude Attitude towards them! ♡

Wins Of The Month

The July Catch Up was imperfect, yet we need to celebrate the wins, as little as they are. This will keep us motivated and positive! That’s why I added the “Win of the month” to our end of month review. Now, make sure to download the new improved journal and add YOUR wins too! My wins this month? Firstly, my article on Perfectionism has been published in Authority Magazine and is due to go live on Thrive Global soon! Yay, I’m stoked! Secondly, I added a NEW FREE E-book to the resource library! A guide on how to create your dream future self! I’m so happy to share this with you, as it can truly manifest Personal Growth! It will help you create a vision that you want to strive towards and will give meaning and purpose to your life!

Monthly Mantra


As I’m telling everyone to embrace imperfection, I need to do the same. As I was reflecting on my mantra from last month, I felt a little disappointed. Consistency was the least present this month, while it was literally all I needed during this lockdown. As the premier extended lockdown, I will extend this mantra. My Strategy will remain the same, PLANNING AND REMINDING. I will plan my weeks ahead and while I plan, I will add reminders to my calendar and phone.

The July Catch Up, truly shows how life happens. It was a great reminder that things will never be perfect and that we have to roll with the punches. I would normally be super upset, beat myself up, and spiral into negative self-talk. NOT TODAY! I need to fuel myself with motivation, drive, and positivity to fight through August. I have my vision, now it’s time to take action, I need to JUST DO IT. You with me? Make sure to head over to my library to get all the Free goodies, your future self is waiting! ♡

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