Flip The Happiness Script And Chase Your Own Happiness

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Time to flip the Happiness script. We are all striving to live a happier life and this is now one of our main goals. But what exactly brings you joy? Go on, answer that question. What makes you happy? Think about it. Is this really what would bring you happiness or is this a false sense of security? Are the people around you sharing their enjoyment and you just assume it would have the same effect on you? Well, it’s time to flip the happiness script and think about what it truly is that makes you a happy person! Let’s stop chasing someone else’s happiness and chase what truly is important to you!

Flip the Happiness Script

The Happiness you seek will be different from others, yet we find it hard to distinguish. On the other hand, the choices that others make might not be our cup of tea, and we happily admit that. Yet, when it comes to happiness, we let our guard down and often replicate what others do that make them happy. Stepping away from these ideas and generating our own beliefs gives us responsibility and ownership. We feel empowered to find true Happiness, something that represents our true self. Don’t worry, I’m here to guide you, follow the steps below and you are well on your way to become a happier person.  

The Different Happiness steps

These steps are designed to fully embrace the feelings of joy. To throw out all the wrong beliefs and create the ones that are powerful to you! Because let’s be honest, who knows what kind of ideas are programmed into our brains. I have touched base on the Happiness misconceptions before, but, we need to go further than that! We need to delve into our OWN misconceptions and change our views. Ready, Set, Go!

1. Identify what makes you happy

Before you can chase your own happiness, you need to know what exactly it is that you need to chase. Observe yourself for a while, try and notice when you feel your best. What is it exactly that makes you feel this way, what makes you feel the opposite? Before you delve into self-discovery, please, prepare to be honest and be open to change. I created prompts that will guide you through this quest which you can find in My FREE E-book. The prompts are created with the different aspects of happiness in mind. It truly is important to take these elements into consideration, find out more here.

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2. Accept this and cherish it 

Maybe, the answers to these prompts might not be what you expected. How do you feel about this? I hope it inspires you to flip the script and start doing these things more. Give yourself permission to admit what doesn’t make you happy, remember to be kind to yourself. Take time to understand your values and get to know yourself a little better. But most importantly, be proud of yourself for going through this journey, don’t give up. Accept it and Cherish it. Be excited about these new moments of joy and stop comparing yourself. Don’t be influenced by others’ opinions.

3. Plan it into your day 

With acceptance and excitement, it is time to plan this into your day. Find little moments where you can boost your mood daily. Drinking tea, planning the ultimate holiday, or indulge in your hobbies, whatever floats your boat, plan it. By planning, you will make it happen, you will commit. This also comes down to saying no, setting boundaries. When you confidently say no to the things that don’t make you happy, you create space for the things that truly matter. Yep, you will be chasing your own happiness.

4. Savour the moment 

Lastly, we need to savour these moments. How often do we just go with the flow and don’t even notice how special these moments are. We need to pause for a second, acknowledge the joy we are experiencing and feel it. You have spent time discovering your true happiness, so let’s make sure it doesn’t just pass. Gratitude and savouring are scientifically proven to boost Happiness. So, using these techniques when experiencing true joy is very powerful. Man, you will be the happiest person on the planet. Well, you know what I mean, no false promises here! But seriously, savour the happy moments.

Chase Your Happiness

Now you know exactly what brings you Happiness, so let’s chase it! Be confident to communicate this and set your boundaries. Be proud of what you like to chase and say no to the misbeliefs. Follow your heart and thrive. I just want to remind you of the key message of this blog post, everyone has a different idea of happiness, follow your own path, not someone else’s. Flip the Happiness Script. It’s worth taking the time to identify what it truly is that makes you a happier person and follow the steps mentioned. If you need guidance, use my FREE E-book and answer the prompts for clarity. Head over now and get started.

Don’t Let Someone Else Determine Your Happiness. Flip The Script. Chase Your Own.

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