Tea Talks | Monthly Catch Up IX  

Monthly Catch Up Aesthetic

You might notice that I didn’t catch up in August, well, the month just flew by, and honestly? During the lockdown, every month just felt the same. So the following catch-up is about 2 months, I kept the same goals and just went with the lockdown vibe. On one important note though, I started to have calls again with Gabrielle, which has been so lovely. Something I look forward too! This provides me with a little more structure to move towards my goals.


My August/September To-Do List was:

  1. Read 2 Books: 1 book down! Lagom
  2. Don’t let the weekend be your weak-end!: I made sure to listen to my body and acted accordingly. I did exactly what I need on the weekends which feels great!
  3. No Alcohol all month: I had 1 glass of Champagne on our virtual Trivia with work, apart from that I stuck to it.
  4. Don’t watch the news: No news for me!
  5. Become a pro at Tailwind and grow my Pinterest! (blog stuff): I started, but definitely, more focus is needed.

My October To-Do List:

  1. Read 2 Books
  2. Change closet to Summer
  3. Donate unwanted clothes
  4. Enjoy the outdoors, Picnics, beach days, Bbq’s!
  5. Have 2 big Journal sessions


My Habit for August was: Stick to my new Fitness Program

I was not consistent and took a few days to recover or change up the workout routine. I learnt that doing 1 type of exercise 5 days a week doesn’t work for me. I need to switch things up. Run, walk, HIIT, basically a combination throughout the week. This keeps me motivated and I’m still achieving my main goal, be active.

My Habit for October is: Take vitamins

Gratitude Attitude

I’m super grateful for daylight savings. Longer days, more sunshine. This just changes my whole routine. It motivates me to spend time outside after work. Go for a walk, swim or even just have dinner on the beach. This is something I often take for granted, to ensure I keep this sense of gratitude towards this extra light, I have set a few reminders on my phone that reminds me of this.

Wins Of The Month

I got interviewed by SBS Dutch Radio. We spoke about Self-care and how to focus on yourself now that Lockdown is coming to an end! I wrote an article on this too, about how we need to flip the Happiness script and chase our own happiness. I’m an introvert, so lockdown coming to an end is exciting yet also a little daunting. Social events are coming, so I need to make sure to keep prioritising my own needs.

Monthly Mantra


Even though I’m a strong believer that life balance doesn’t exist, I want to make sure that I use this Renewed meaning of balance this month. I want to be outside, work on my blog and focus on myself. Currently, I’m working on how I can feel satisfied with all aspects and don’t feel guilt when one gets more attention. Still feel that I’m achieving and chasing my dream future self while allowing myself to pause.

Isn’t it scary how time flies and goals can just slip away? With the busy months ahead, I’m going to make sure to stay on track and fill out my journal more often. By checking in, I will motivate myself to keep going and remind myself of what is most important. Make sure to download the journal in the Freebie library, so you can chase after your dreams too!

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