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Tea Talks January Monthly Catch up

Oh January, you are so special! Fully recharged, excitement ahead and new opportunities! How do you feel about January? Looking back on the 2020 Holidays, it’s actually been amazing. Yes, we were in Lockdown, but that left us with no pressure to do things and allowed me to truly enjoy doing nothing and getting organised. I’m feeling pretty good because of it. And by the sounds of it, I’m not alone. I heard that a lot of readers truly enjoyed not having to rush around and had the opportunity to be fully present with their close family. Confession of the month? I did not follow my own advice. I started to focus on a few habits and once going back to work, I got pretty overwhelmed. So lesson learnt, one habit at the time.


My January To-Do List was:

  1. Cook 4 new recipes: Yess, I did this. I cooked Chickpea Zucchini Boats from Ela Vegan. I created a Detox Salad from Blissful Basil, and a Caesar salad from oh she glows. I also made Protein Waffles from the Tone It Up Meal Plan where I experimented with a Chai egg as a substitute for the egg whites. YUM YUM YUM!
  2. Read 2 books: I read 1 book. “Didn’t see this coming” from Rachel Hollis. Now, I do read a lot of blogs, so my reading is present, just not reading books yet! Might try to create a reading habit before bed where I focus on books! I’ll keep you posted.
  3. Stock up on Beauty Products: Yep all sorted, I ordered them all. I’ve written down a routine that will incorporate all products. Now I have to stick to it, currently at 75% of doing it every day. My evening beauty routine is the one that often is overlooked! I’m currently doing an Inner Beauty and outer beauty mix up.
  4. Book my doctor’s appointment; I did do a phone conversation with my doctor and will visit her in February for the full check-up. My dentist appointment is also booked for February. So Brownie points for this!
  5. Get Organised: As an organise freak, this was easy, I love organising and going through my stuff. So I did plenty, office, garage, kitchen, hard drives, emails, documents. Yep, my holiday break consisted mostly of this. Starting the new year organised and fresh just makes me feel great!

My February To-Do List:

  1. Read 2 books (+ 1 to catch up from January)
  2. Restaurant date night
  3. Treat myself to a massage
  4. Create 4 healthy desserts
  5. Indulge in 5 hours of learning


My habit for January was: Eating plant-based

I did it, I fully committed to it. I had a few moments that I had to truly push through to not give in, yep, it was the cheese! When at home there is no problem there are no temptations, we just buy plant-based products and we stick to our food planner. But at work and when going out for dinner it is tricky for me. I’m not good with temptations. I’m proud that I did it and I truly felt the benefits! More energy, my recovery time from working out decreased immensely, and admittedly my mood was a lot better too. For February? I will continue to eat plant-based at home, try not to eat at work and when going out for dinner, I will treat myself. With these rules, I hope to still reap the benefits and be able to commit mostly instead of giving up!

My Habit for February is: Blogilates Challenge

Gratitude Attitude

I’m very grateful for my day off on Wednesdays! Yes, I do work 10 hours a day so I’m still working full time, but having a day to myself mid-week is amazing. I truly need a day of quiet time where I can recharge. As an introvert, working as a teacher is often draining. I try to utilise my day off for prepping, relaxing, and blogging. I’m still working on finding a great balance between it all, but let me tell you. I’m super grateful that I have the opportunity to do whatever I want that day!

Monthly Mantra

Today I Choose Calm.

For some unknown reason, I am always all over the place at work. No wonder I am tired at the end of the day. There is nothing to stress about, yes a lot is going on, but nothing to really worry about. So my mantra this month is to choose calm. I want to be mindful and intentional about being calm and peaceful. Introduce yoga to the children and try to incorporate more quiet moments in my day. Maybe even some meditation in the evening?

How was January for you? What will you focus on in February? Don’t forget you can find your own Monthly Catch Up Journal in my Resource Library. Enjoy your cuppa, reflect on January and get excited to achieve your goals for February! Share your Monthly Catch Up in the comments or on Instagram under the #3TsTeaTalk.

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