Accept Your Energy And Enhance Productivity

Energy Planning to enhance productivity

Don’t we all want to be as productive as possible all day and every day? Well, that is just not possible people! At first, I thought that being productive was spending a lot of time on tasks and having that feeling of being busy but guess what, that’s not the case. It is more about how efficient we are during this time so my big question has always been on how we can achieve this.  I have tried many tricks in the books and the most important revelation to my productivity was energy. Energy? YES, sometimes a task can take 30 minutes while other times the same task can take 2 hours. Why’s that? Energy is the answer!  

Energy Fluctuation Versus Productivity

Throughout the week and even daily we go through different energy levels, which makes sense right! Our energy naturally dips which can lead to us being less productive. I always used to push through unproductive times which lead to me being frustrated and the task at hand taking much longer than needed. So I came up with a few ideas on how to optimize my responsibilities as we should take this energy fluctuation into consideration. Now that you are aware of this inconsistency you can stop being so hard on yourself and allow yourself to pause or change things up. Willpower is finite, so planning accordingly and implementing useful habits will allow your willpower bucket to stay full. Once you notice your energy dips, you can take a walk, do meditation or fuel your body with healthy foods. This allows you to work to your full potential with a boost in productivity. 

Know Yourself Better 

When I was doing my research on this topic, I continuously came across articles that mentioned that Wednesday’s are projected as high-level productivity days. But that is not true for me, Wednesday’s are the opposite! Also, everyone apparently hates Mondays! Well, I love them. A fresh start, well-rested, and my motivation is high. So it just shows how important it is to question your own energy levels as this can be different for everyone. It’s all about getting to know yourself better. Once you have a deeper understanding of your own fluctuation, you will feel more in control and you will experience that sense of achievement more often. This sense of achievement, man that is a real booster for me! Remember, don’t only see this as weekly, reflect on your days too! Ask yourself, am I more productive in the morning or in the evening? 

Energy In All Aspects Of Your Life

As a preschool teacher, I don’t have much say in when I can do my paperwork, I get hours allocated and I have to make it work regardless. However, I use my energy knowledge on a personal level, workout intensity, meals I cook and social interactions. I thought to share with you a little overview of how this look likes for me. This might inspire you to create your own reminder and reflect on your own week or even daily schedule. Once I realised that Wednesday was my tough day, I changed my mindset and things just fell into place. I don’t drag myself out for a dinner with friends anymore, instead, I now plan a quick home-cooked meal with an evening of relaxation! 

Truthful Tea Talks Energy Chart to enhance productivity

Detecting Your Own Energy Levels

The easy way to detect your energy levels is to observe yourself during a day off. When do I wake up? What time do I get hungry? When does the afternoon dip starts? By asking yourself these questions you will get a general understanding of your own energy levels and plan your work accordingly. Now, if you want to take this a step further and truly find your utmost productive times of the day, you can follow the below steps using my energy tracking sheet.

  1. Use my energy tracking sheet. 
    Observe your levels and note down your findings. This will allow you to precisely identify your flow of the day/ week. 
  2. List your responsibilities and tasks
    Make a list of all the tasks you need to get done. Decide whether they are high or low energy demanding
  3. Plan accordingly
    Insert these tasks within your energy flow chart
  4. Be flexible 
    If it does not work change it up! A low energy day? Don’t force yourself, swap it around with a low demanding task and wait for your energy levels to pick up again. 

Now that you have a clear understanding of how your mind and body works on a daily basis you will see your motivation and productivity skyrocket! It is important that you allow yourself time to recharge this energy. I feel recharged when I indulge myself in my self-care activities. When using the correct Self-care elements, truly generates energy for me. 

Your energy is currency. Spend it well. Invest it wisely.

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