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This month’s Loving Lately is all about food! After my Plant-based January, I’m been reading up a lot about food. Researching recipes, looking for plant-based blogs, informative books about plant-based foods, etc. Every Saturday I create a meal plan for the week and my dream is to meal prep on Sunday which would include some healthy treats. Unfortunately, this just doesn’t happen, YET. For some reason, it just seems too much to handle. I still hope that one day, Sunday Food prep will be part of my routine. Let’s have a look at what I’m loving lately in relation to my food obsession.

Tea Loving

Green Tea is my go-to drink every morning! I will make a cuppa as soon as I wake up and let it brew while I do my workout. During brekkie I have my green tea and brew another cup to takeaway. I do not like coffee so Green Tea is my caffeine kick! Green tea is high in antioxidants which helps you stay healthy. Some studies prove that Green tea can boost your metabolism which might help in fat burn. Green tea is also very beneficial for the skin as it works anti-inflammatory, try some skin products with green tea to see the benefits for yourself.

Currently Reading

As you already know, I can spend hours reading and scrolling through blogs. Over the last couple of weeks, I have been looking through vegan and plant-based blogs like crazy. Trying to find more information about the diet and looking for new recipes. Especially now we are getting into the winter months soon, I will need some new hearty recipes. I love winter, so I can’t wait for the tray bakes, casseroles and soups, it makes me so happy! Some of my favourite blogs so far, Oh She Glows, Minimalist Baker, Ela Vegan and Simply Quinoa.

Tea-riffic Finds

The whole of January I have tracked what I’ve been eating which created this mindfulness of what goes into my body. It was just a realisation of what I ate in a day and it helped me to make better choices. This vanished as soon as February started. But hey, March is around the corner and I’m committed to starting this again! I used MyFitnessPal, which truly helped me to stay on track and allowed me to be mindful of my eating habits. I’m not a calorie-counting freak, but an overall idea of what I consume seems beneficial for me. Just be aware, I do get why people might become obsessed with it, turning it into an unhealthy habit. Know yourself and use it to your advantage.

Random Happiness

I’m truly loving our new Dining chairs, they are so comfy. Our previous ones were terrible, you could feel the screws while eating your dinner. BLUH! These ones are amazing, they actually made me eat more at the dining table than on our sofa. Winning! We can now play games at the dining table with our friends without having a num but. YAS. PS: Eating more at the dining table gives more meaning to our meals and makes me appreciate the home cooking more too. Who knew that dining chairs could change habits right!

What’s Brewing

We have a tasting voucher for Yellow, a Vegan fine dining restaurant here in Sydney. The food just looks delicious and I’m happy that I’m getting out of my comfort zone, literally. You know by now, all I want to do is be comfy on the sofa in my PJ’s but this time, I will dress up and get out. Explore the city, have some good food and have a date night with Andrew. Check out what we will be eating here. Now, we have to book that table soon hey! 🙂

Isn’t it funny that one goal: Eat plant-based for January can spark your interest and you just delve into the topic like crazy. Like I mentioned in my post here, there is no fit all solution. I’m trying new things, I learned about the culture, but adopting it full time just doesn’t work for me. For now, I’m happy to keep going on my own terms and continue to feel the benefits of eating vegan foods. I love the whole experience of trying to create new recipes and that’s all that matters to me.

Healthy Body + Healthy Mind = Happy Life

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