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It has been a while since I posted Loving Lately, but here we are! I’m sharing my latest interests and discoveries. I love to connect with you all, so why not email or DM me on Socials with your Loving Lately’s. It’s my favourite topic to read as I always get inspired to try out new things.

Tea Loving

Winter is coming, so boosting my immune system is constantly on my mind. Lately, I discovered Defence Tea from Twinings, it is part of their Live Well range. My first thought when I was brewing this tea? “What an amazing smell!” The smell, just puts a smile on my face each time and it instantly brings me to the present moment. So, I decided to swap my Green Tea in the car, for this Defence Tea to have a mindful moment during my commute. It contains, Green Tea, Ginger, Citrus and Echinacea. Simply Delicious.

Currently Reading

Lately, I have been reading a lot about Happiness. It’s a subject I’m passionate about and I have many blog post ideas, so stay tuned as I will share a lot more insight and tricks on how to become happier. Below I have listed a few posts that have gone live already! This week, however, I have shifted my reading focus. I read 2 books in 1 week about Self-care and it truly inspired me to focus on the little things that will improve my wellbeing. Consistency is my weak point, I do everything for a little while and then I neglect it. These books reminded me of the importance of rituals and here I am brainstorming once again on how to optimise my daily routines. 🙂 Emotional Self-care is something I want to incorporate into my routines, how do you take care of your emotional wellbeing on a daily basis?

Tea-riffic Finds

Yaay, I’ve almost completed my course “The Science of Well-being” on Coursera. The course is by Yale University and directed by Laurie Santos. As you know, I love to learn and this website is amazing. Coursera provides you with free courses from universities all over the world! If you want the degree you can pay a fee, but otherwise, it is completely free. You can complete the course at your own pace! How amazing is that! Make sure to check it out and let me know what courses you’d be interested in.

Random Happiness

For a while now I have my sleep routine under control, I go to bed at the same time each night and wake up at 6 AM every day. This routine has now provided me with the most amazing thing! Recently I have days where I Wake up before my alarm goes off! YAS, it is heaven, it just feels amazing to wake up by myself. Now, I have to admit, getting out of bed in the dark is trickier than I thought. But I’m sticking to it! I’m organising myself the night before, I have my clothes ready, my workout is all mapped out and food is prepped for the day. This allows me to add something exciting to my morning routine, something I look forward to. Which is key to jumping out of bed!

What’s Brewing

With my research on Happiness and reading the Self-care books, I got very intrigued about sleep. Sleep is an important factor that relates to a happy and fulfilled life. So, on the weekend I went to the library and got myself a whole heap of books about the topic. I cannot wait to delve into the books and learn more! Of course, trying out all the tips and tricks will be very interesting, so I’ll keep you posted! Any tips on Sleep resources?

Taking Care Of Myself Doesn’t Mean “Me First” It Means “Me Too”.

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