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Monthly Catch Up April

Alright, April Monthly Catch Up. Ooooh, Seasons are changing! Autumn is a fun time of the year here in Australia. It is colder in the morning and evenings but during the day we can still go lay on the beach. Definitely my favourite season! I’m sleeping better, my runs are improving (as I’m not overheating!) and I’m drinking more tea. Life is good! A lot happened in April; Travelling to Melbourne, celebrating Andrews bday, Easter, Mum’s online wedding, Anzac day and closing off the month with my Birthday! Yet, I’m happy that I have allowed myself time to Pause. I took a whole weekend to myself where I read, blogged, took a bath, went for a walk and watch my favourite Sports. This is something I want to do each month, 1 weekend nothing planned, just going with the flow where I put myself first!


My April To-Do List was:

  1. Read 3 books: Yess, Back on track! What makes you happy? – Fiona Robards, Born a Crime – Trevor Noah, Hyper Focus – Chris Bailey.
  2. Go back online with Truthful Tea Talks: I’m back baby! Still trying to figure out my routine without becoming overwhelmed. But I’ll get there. 🙂
  3. Do a workout at 6 AM every weekday: Since Daylight savings a few weeks ago, it is light again when I wake up, making it so much easier to jump out of bed. Running and watching the sunrise is just the best start to my day. I’m loving it!
  4. Go to the doctor for a Skin Check: Done.
  5. Update Skincare Routine: As the temperatures are changing constantly, my skin is becoming so dry! I have added a new lotion to my routine and I have been sticking to it 90% of the time. I’m so proud of myself. haha! 🙂

My May To-Do List:

  1. Read 2 books
  2. Research a book club. Join or start one.
  3. Call Friends back home
  4. Cook 4 new dinners
  5. Stay Consistent with Blogging content and Social Media Presence.


My habit for April was: Hydrate

I have been doing really well. My Water intake has been spot on! Reminders on my watch and phone have helped me to fill up my bottle. Most of the time when my bottle is full, I will drink, but when it is empty, I don’t bother filling it up! So realising this and acting upon it has helped me to stay on top! Also, as it is becoming colder in the morning and evenings I’m starting to drink more tea, extra hydration! Bring it on.

My Habit for May is: Take vitamins and focus on boosting imuunsystem.

Gratitude Attitude

I am so grateful for living in Australia where life is pretty much normal. We have no restrictions so basically, we can go out for dinner, see friends and a travel bubble to NZ has opened up. It feels a little unreal when I talk to friends who are still in lockdown and need to wear masks. I truly feel for all the countries that are still in Lockdown and I’m sending all my thoughts and strength to them. Hang in there! So I can’t express enough how grateful I am for my life right now.

Monthly Mantra

You Can’t Take Things Too Personally, Even If It Seems Personal.  

I have caught myself taking things too personally. When things are being said, I start to read into them way too much! Looking for reasons that people think I’m not good enough, don’t like me anymore and that will spiral into the worst-case scenario thoughts. My mantra for May will focus on taking a step back and realising that people rarely do or say things because of me but more so because of them. Shake it off and focus on my intentions and tasks and if it really is because of me, they will most likely tell me anyway!

I’m brewing up some great content for May! I’m very excited to share an E-book with you soon! You will find it in my Resource Library! Make sure to follow me on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook to get the latest! My goal is to stay consistent on all platforms so here we go! Make sure to reach out, all support is welcome in my quest for consistency! What is your main goal for May? Be sure to use my Monthly Catch Up Journal to keep track of your own goals!

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