Cozy Corner with Libby Book and Archewell Podcast

This Month’s Loving Lately’s are all about Wellness. Finding a moment of calm, being inspired to spread kindness, staying present within the moment, having your own space and creating habits that will make you feel good. What are your favourites to look after your wellbeing? Let’s have a look at my 4 this month!

Tea Loving

You know by now that my morning routine is sacred. It gets me in the right mood and I love to ease into the day. My evening routine on the other hand is a little different. I’m not so committed to it and it changes all the time. However, it is something that I’d like to master as it will truly have an impact on my sleep. Soon! The one thing that is happening almost every night, is my cup of tea. A soothing bedtime tea is my ritual to calm down. Lately, I am loving the T2- Quiet Mind Tea. It has about 18 ingredients, to name a few: Rosehip, Chamomile, Elderberry, Lavender, Ginseng and Echinacea. A true Wellness Blend.

Currently Listening

You must have heard already that The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have released a podcast! I’m LOVING it. I’m truly inspired by their compassion and kindness message. It’s all I stand for and these are my main values as a teacher. So far, they have released one episode: The Holiday Special and YEP, it’s great. They have guest speakers such as Brene Brown, James Corden and Elton John. I cannot wait for the next one! I have to admit, I thought 2 weeks later, they would’ve uploaded another one. But I guess that keeps the suspense going right! Also, they will have a Netflix Show this year. YEW. Check out their website here.

Tea-riffic Finds

During the Holidays the library was closed due to our Covid Outbreak but there is an online option to borrow books online. This online library, called Libby, might be my lifesaver. I was planning on reading a lot of books but I ended up getting sucked into blogs. I love reading blogs but my goal is to read more books as these allow me to stay focussed on 1 thing. Blogs always give me ideas to try out so I get often distracted. It doesn’t only have E-books but also Audio-books! Worth to check it out. My favourite feature? It estimates how long it will take you to finish the book, which is a little motivation for me. Want to know what I’m currently reading? Follow me on Goodreads.

Random Happiness

In our apartment, I have created a Cozy Corner, my mindfulness space. Every morning I have brekkie there and I have inspiring quotes displayed. Here I drink tea, read books, listen to podcasts and even blog sometimes. This is a space in the house where I feel at peace and inspired. It brings me joy and after a long day, coming home and being able to relax in a space that I have created that’s just for me, feels like heaven! It truly creates Happiness for me, it’s the little things.

What’s Brewing

I’m currently doing my Plant-based January and I am committed to sticking to it! Not only that, I’m also building my workout habit by getting up at 6 AM every day to get moving! For a long time, I have been feeling sluggish and falling asleep on the sofa at around 8 PM. I’d like to feel more energised and have the opportunity to do more at night. Currently, 13 days in and feeling strong! This is truly my focus this month, My Personal Wellbeing. Creating habits that will make me feel better.

Let’s end January strong together! Reach out on Instagram and we can be accountability buddies. Let me know if you have a space in your home that’s just for you! Already listened to Archewell Audio? What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments or drop me an email!

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