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Monthly Catch Up May

I hope you had a nice May! Reflecting on this month was a little tricky, I had to go back to my calendar to remember what actually happened. Not a good sign? Well, April was busy, so I guess May was always going to be a “getting back into a routine” kind of month. I just went with the flow and of course, I launched my E-book, which I’m stoked about! As I’m sharing my Happiness knowledge with you all, it was only fair to focus on my own. I decided to foster my relationships a little more. So we celebrated our best friends 5th anniversary and I reconnected with friends and family at home.


My May To-Do List was:

  1. Read 2 books: DONE even got 1 extra! I read: The Self-care Lifestyle, The complete guide to Self-care and The little book of Sleep – Dr Nerina Ramlakhan.
  2. Research a book club. Join or start one: Well I reached out on FB groups, but the introvert in me panicked and didn’t answer yet. NO Progress yet.
  3. Call Friends back home: Yes, I reconnected with a few close friends.
  4. Cook 4 new dinners: I made all Vegan dishes. Stuffed Pasta Shells, Brocolli/Cauliflower Burger, Polenta Lasagne, Tomato and Pumpkin Soup!
  5. Stay Consistent with Blogging content and Social Media Presence: I am so proud of this one! I did it.

My June To-Do List:

  1. Read 2 books
  2. Finish My Blogging Course
  3. Submit my Blog for Audit
  4. Change Closet to Winter
  5. Create a Winter Bucket List


My Habit for May was: Take vitamins and focus on boosting Immun system.

I have incorporated this into my morning routine! Every morning I fill up my drink bottle with fresh cold water. (Another goal for June is to add some lemons for extra immunity benefits.) Before I leave the house, that drink bottle needs to be empty, otherwise, it might leak in my bag! This sets me up for the day with my ongoing “Stay Hydrated goal” and creates a sense of achievement before the day even starts. Just before I leave, there is always water left, which reminds me to take my vitamins.

My Habit for June is: Continue to Meal Prep On Sunday and Wednesday

Gratitude Attitude

My Gratitude goes to my new role at work “Wellbeing Leader”. I have to assist management with ensuring that our team’s Wellbeing is supported. As you can imagine, right up my alley! This blog brings me so much fulfilment and being able to bring this passion to my job is amazing. I’m still full-time in the classroom but I get a few hours a week to work on this project. I love the fact that “Teachers Wellbeing” is now a mandatory requirement to actively work towards. I’m excited for this journey and super grateful that I have been assigned to this role.

Monthly Mantra

Prioritise And Achieve Right

Over the past few months my mantras have been about starting somewhere, forward progress, keep moving and I can happily say that this part of the process is happening. With all these improvements I do realise though that often I take the “wrong” action. I need to start prioritising so I don’t become overwhelmed with the tasks at hand. Prioritising will allow me to focus on what it truly is that I need and what would make my life easier. For example, Meal prepping has become a big part of my Sunday and it allows me to stay focused on my saving goals and health goals. Yes, it takes time and other plans have to happen on Saturdays however it truly pays off during the week!

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