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Monthly Catch Up March

I finally followed my own advice and took some time off. I went offline and focussed on the back end of my blog, it wasn’t easy to make this decision but with working full time and focussing on my wellbeing it was hard to combine. I’m so grateful I made this decision and I’m fully recharged and ready to provide content again! I cannot preach to put yourself first and not do this myself. So here we go, a little delayed, but an update on my March Goals. I ended March with a week getaway to Melbourne to feel fully rejuvenated to kickstart April! So bring it on! 🙂


My March To-Do List was:

  1. Read 2 books: I only read 1: The Happiness Track
  2. 1 night of NO TV per week: Yes I Did this, and I will continue to do so. I focussed on journaling! What I love most about a TV-free night is that it gives my mind a break from all the stimulus which I didn’t realise I need.
  3. Get a massage: Instead of getting a massage, I went to the Deep Blue Hotsprings where I soaked up all the minerals and truly found myself relaxing. It was amazing.
  4. Complete at least 5 nagging tasks: Yes, I ticked a lot off my To-do list. I’m finally giving up on the idea of having an empty list, there will always be something on there. I have to accept it and stop feeling overwhelmed by it. 🙂
  5. Take a friend out for Dinner or Lunch: We went for Lunch in my Favourite Mexican restaurant! YUM.

My April To-Do List:

  1. Read 3 books
  2. Go back online with Truthful Tea Talks
  3. Do a workout at 6 AM every weekday
  4. Go to the doctor for a Skin Check
  5. Update Skincare Routine


My habit for March was: Journaling

Journaling has always been a little challenging for me, not sure why but as it was my focus in March, I made an effort. It is so good, I made time in the morning to prioritise my day and at night I focussed on gratitude. It didn’t become a habit, more of a sporadic achievement, however, I want to try and create a habit of this!

My Habit for April is: Hydrate

Gratitude Attitude

As mentioned before, I’m grateful for the break I gave myself for being offline. I focussed on my learning behind the scenes and put myself first. I followed last month mantra and started somewhere, I got on track with my learning and it feels good. Giving myself permission to pause was what I truly needed. I’m incredibly grateful to have travelled to Melbourne, where I indulged in great food, explored beautiful sites and truly relaxed. So my gratitude attitude goes to my recharging and allowing myself to indulge in self-care.

Monthly Mantra

Forward Progress – Just Keep Moving 

After starting somewhere I need to keep the momentum going. All I need to focus on is to keep moving. One step at the time and focus on the little achievements I make! Forward Progress. Ensuring that I don’t get overwhelmed, note that every step matters. Forward Progress will also remind me to take a break once in a while! Make sure I stay recharged.

Yass, March was great, but I’m so excited to be back online! Make sure to follow me on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook! Yep, I will be back on all platforms ready to inspire you to keep that Personal Growth Journey going! Because after focussing on my own in such dept, I realised once more how important it is to find purpose and embrace growth! I hope you will find the courage to embark on your own. Need some guidance? Check out my Resource Library to get started!

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