Tea Talk | Loving Lately VOL. 1

Tea Talk Loving Lately

Sip Ship Hooray! Today I am kicking off the series “Tea Talk | Loving lately”. I will share with you a few things that have caught my attention and I think might be useful for you. The reason I have chosen to start this series is that I find it really interesting to see what like-minded people are up to. It boosts my inspiration and I hope this will do the same for you. This allows me to connect with you on a personal level which is my ultimate goal with this blog!

Tea Loving

Currently, I am loving “Sleep Tight” tea from T2! I have been focussing on my evening routine and having a cup of tea is a big part of it. I try to be mindful during this time and focus on all my senses when having my first sip. During my last cup of the day, I reflect on my day and journal a little. Now, truthfully, I am not doing this every day, some days drinking my last cup happens while mindlessly watching TV. However, I do make sure I’m mindful of actually drinking tea. The ingredients of the “T2 Sleep Tight” are Lemon Balm, Lavender, Jasmine Blossoms, and Rose petals. YUM.

Currently Reading

My absolute favorite magazine is “Breathe”, it is all about making time for yourself. The magazine has 4 key chapters; Wellbeing, Living, Mindfulness, Creativity, and Escaping. Every-time I see the magazine in the shops, there is this sense of calm that washes over me, it’s just a reminder to slow down. Reading magazines allows me to read for fun. When I read books I try to learn, make notes, revisit chapters and mostly I want to make sure I remember the important messages. Reading this magazine brings me a lot of joy!

Currently Listening

As this is Volume 1 of the series, I have to share my favorites, and this is one is my number 1 podcast! Happier with Gretchen Rubin. I’m Obsessed. She shares life hacks, happiness stumbling blocks, habit tricks, and shares insight on her 4 tendencies. It is all designed to make your life a little happier. It is very uplifting and often I can resonate with what they are talking about which makes it so much fun! I listen to the podcast on my way to work as part of my morning routine and it truly gives me great vibes to start the day.

Random Happiness

What I am also loving lately are fresh flowers. There is just something special about having fresh flowers in the house, isn’t? The smell, the look, the feeling it gives you, AAH, just amazing. Did you know that having fresh flowers can increase your feelings of wellbeing! It can boost our mood, calms us down, makes our home look better and it cleans the air, so what else do you want right! With spring in the air here in Australia, some fresh flowers are a must. It brightens the day.

What I look forward to

In a few days, I will be going to the Blue Mountains for a couple of days. My focus here will be to relax and destress. Lately, I have been super stressed and this getaway is to leave it all behind and come back refreshed. Sometimes we need to reset and that’s what this week is all about! What’s on the schedule? Fresh air, I want to be outside as much as possible! Hiking, yoga, watching the sunset, and having a picnic will be a must. Next, oooh some good food, I’m such a foodie and I will be exploring some new restaurants. YUM. Lastly, I have booked myself in for a massage, I will leave it to the experts to destress my body!

I hope you will enjoy this series and that you find some of the things I share useful. 🙂 I obviously like to know what you are loving lately so share in the comments your loves! Is there something you look forward to?

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